Troop 33 Scoutmasters

Ted McLaughlin

Ted has been with Troop 33 since 1991. After having been involved with six different Troops around the world, Ted chose Troop33 as the place to put his roots down. He has found the incredibly active program offered by Troop33 to be exactly what he was looking for in a Scout Troop.

Ted has also been the Chapter Advisor to the Minnehaha Falls Chapter of the Order of the Arrow since 1996. The Order of the Arrow is an honor society for the BSA whose goals are service and camping promotion.  Ted has also been the District Camporee Chair who ran all Metro Lakes District Camporees. Ted planned and ran 16 camporees over 9 years.  He also helped organize 3 major council level camping activities, including the 2010 Star Camp with 11,503 participants. Ted has received the Silver Beaver, the District Award of Merit, the Founder’s Award, as well as being a member of the Vigil Honor for the Order of the Arrow.

Ted became the Scoutmaster of Troop 33 in 2010, and he hopes to continue being Scoutmaster for many years to come.

Dave Moore

Dave was born on April 6, 1936 in Minneapolis, MN. He attended elementary school in Minneapolis, received a BA from Yale in 1958 and stayed at Yale to earn a Master of Arts in teaching in 1959. For more than thirty years, he taught high-school Social Studies and English in Spring Valley, MN, Park Forest, Illinois, the Army High School in Mannheim, Germany, and at Edison High School in Minneapolis. Dave was the Coach of the Edison Ski Team for many years.

The Scouting Career of Dave Moore spans more than half a century. It began in 1945, when he joined Cub Scout Pack 33 at Westminster Church in Minneapolis. In 1953, Dave became Eagle Scout number 145 in Troop 33. He has been Scoutmaster of Troops in Spring Valley, MN and Park Forest, Illinois. And in addition to being an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 33, he is currently the Scoutmaster of Troop 100, both sponsored by Westminster Church. When he came back to Minneapolis to teach in 1963, Dave re-connected with his old Troop 33, as an adult leader. He became Scoutmaster in 1965 and served as such until 2010.

Dave has guided over 1200 scouts, including more than 130 who reached the rank of Eagle. As Scoutmaster of both Troops, Dave maintained a very active activity and Advancement Programs. During his 45 years as Scoutmaster of Troop 33 and 27 years with Troop 100, Dave has awarded over well over 2900 scout ranks, 6000 merit badges. He has led over 2400 nights of Camping with an average Scout attendance of over 30 scouts per night. He has helped scouts raise $410,000 through the sale of over 24,000 Christmas wreaths and 210 tons of fruit.

During the winter of 1981, Dave first met Hmong refugees from Laos, when about 300 young Hmong men and women were enrolled at Minneapolis Edison High School, where he was teaching. Unable to speak their language, he could not communicate with them, nor were any of them in his classes. But that spring, he organized the Hmong boys into a Boy Scout Troop, the purpose of which was to learn something about America and have some fun at the same time. Minnesota Hmong Troop 100 was a success from the start, with a membership of about eighty boys. Over the years, Dave heard many personal stories of privation, war, defeat, escape, loss and sometimes triumph from the boys. Recognizing a need to record these experiences, Dave has authored two books about the Hmong people, "Dark Sky, Dark Land: Stories of the Hmong Boy Scouts of Troop 100" and "A Free People: Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Dreams".

Dave has become known and recognized for his involvement in Scouting. He has received two awards for scout leaders: the Hiawatha District Award of Merit, and the Silver Beaver from Viking Council. In 1997, he received the Minneapolis Rotary "Service Above Self for service to others without regard to personal gain. The Viking Council gave the Distinguished Eagle Award to Dave Moore in 1997. He is also a Vigil Honor member of Order of the Arrow.

Dave is now retired from Teaching, but not from Scouting. He spends virtually all of his time working with his Scouts. There is rarely a mountain or a cliff, a lake or a stream, a tent or bare piece of ground nor a friend or unknown teenager, which Dave will not befriend. In his gentle way, Dave has helped thousands of young people to enjoy the flicker of a dying campfire, the meaning of friendship and the enjoyment one receives from helping others.

Bob Fulton

Bob was a cub scout in Pack 33 at Westminster, and joined Troop 33 in November of 1959. He was the 186th Eagle in Troop 33, receiving this award in 1965. He has been an Assistant Scoutmaster for most of the time since 1967. He has received the Silver Beaver Award and received the Vigil Honor in Order of the Arrow.

Bob got his bachelor's degree at the University of Minnesota, and a law degree at the University of Michigan. He is a lawyer for U.S. Bank.

Bob is a member and elder of Westminster church, Troop 33's sponsor. He is on the Camp Ajawah Board of Management and spends two weeks at Ajawah with the scouts every summer. 

Bob believes that camping is the most important part of scouting, and that it is important for boys to learn to camp, cook, know first aid, and generally get along in the out-of-doors in all kinds of weather. His goal for the troop is to have the older scouts -- the junior leaders -- plan and carry out an exciting program that includes plenty of adventure and results in steady advancement and leadership training for younger scouts.


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