Fall 2001


Oct 1        7:00 Mon-Troop meeting- Jeopardy (Bert) WREATH KICKOFF

Oct 5-7        Fri-Sun-Order of the Arrow (OA members and candidates only) Camp Stearns (Ted)

Oct 8        7:00 Mon-Troop meeting - Photography Merit Badge (Frank & Tom Rush, Bob)

Oct 13        Sat-Orienteering-Afton-Church at 10:00 am (call Dave if you are coming)

Oct 14        Sun-Wreath sale at Westminster (selected scouts)

Oct 15        7:00 Mon-Troop meeting - Military Night (Ted and Drew)

Oct 18-21        Thurs-Sun-MEA Trip (_______________)

Oct 21        Sun-Wreath sale at Westminster (selected scouts)

Oct 22        6:00 Mon-Jr Leaders meeting & pizza

Oct 22        7:00 Mon-Gym Night (Finseth and John deWerff) WREATH DEADLINE

Oct 27        8:30-12:30  Sat-Merit Badge Clinic-church (Bryce Purdy)

Oct 28        Sun-Wreath sale at Westminster (selected scouts)

Oct 29        7:00 Mon-Sept 11 Speaker (Wes and John deWerff)

Nov 2-4        Fri-Sun-Overnight (we will stay in a cabin, but scouts may sleep outside to pass badge requirements)(_____________________)

Nov 5        6:00  Mon-Jr Leaders meeting & pizza

Nov 5        7:00 Mon-Cooking (Peter and Finseth)  BOARD OF REVIEW

Nov 12        7:45-9:15 Mon-Swim(Dave & Joe)

Nov 17        10:00-Noon Sat-WREATH DELIVERY Pick up at Engquists

Nov 18        Sun-Wreath distribution at Westminster(some scouts)-8:45 am-12:15 pm

Nov 19        7:00 Mon Service Project (Erik & Johann)

Nov 20        Tues-Troop Planning-7:00 at Church - LEADERS ONLY

Nov 25        Sun  Wreath cleanup at Westminster 8:45-12:15

Nov 25        2:00 Sun  Pot luck Thanksgiving with Troop 100 families at Dave Moore's (5317 York S)

Nov 26        Mon-Troop Meeting- Animal Night (Mike Dolphin)-BOARD OF REVIEW

Dec 3        Mon-Family Dinner & Court of Honor & Eagle Court of Honor - 6:15 pm

Dec 10        Mon-Troop Meeting-Yoyo Night (Purdy & Bill)

Dec 18        Mon-Winter Camp Prep (Joe)

Dec 21        Fri-Caroling with Troop 100

Dec 24        NO TROOP MEETING

Dec 26-30        Wed-Sun  Winter Camp at Ajawah  10:00 am at church


Year 2002 dates:

Jan 26-27                Wreath Lockin (tentative date)

Unknown                 Scout Sunday at Westminster

Feb                         Overnight

Feb                         Ski trip

Mar                         Overnight

Apr                         Spring trip (older scouts)

Apr                         Merit badge clinic

May                        Camporee

Jun 3                       Court of Honor

Jun          Campout or activity


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