Baden-Powell Council 1997 Spring Camporee

Materials Required by Station

A. Paper & pencils, messages to be passed.

B. Compass course set up with popsicle sticks or notes on trees, etc. Have a compass ready, but expect patrol to have own (points off for needing to borrow compass). Post at least 4 different courses starting from one point. Each course should have 8 clues. Each clue has distance/bearing to next clue plus one or more words of message. Also post a number of dummy clues.

C. Roll of twine, pioneering poles if not located in area where patrol can scrounge poles.

D. Roll of twine or string.

E. Two maps, paper and pencil/pen. Map should be simple, with at least 20-25 features.

F. (none)

G. Matches, fire building materials (or locate in area with abundant tinder, etc.), eggs, oranges, paper bags, bread, water, sticks. May want to include distractors (things which would not be used in utensilless cooking).

H. (none)

I. 2x4 with egg crate or pail fastened to middle, practice golf balls, nerf balls or ping-pong balls.

J. Two rings (hula hoops, or square rings 3x3’ made of plumbing), field guides (plants, insects, rocks).

K. Two "guns": length of sewer pipe lashed to crossbar; four "cannonballs": tennis ball; "powder": water, can to hold it, bucket for "magazine"; "ramrod" (pole); "fuse": lynch pin with string attached

L. ONE balance beam or 8 foot 4x4 or log laid on ground

M. Twelve to sixteen egg crates (cinder blocks); two washtubs - mark side of washtub about 2/3 of way up

N. Blindfolds for each patrol member (16), bell, twine to mark area

O. Six pioneering poles (8’+), ten 10’ lengths of " rope, four pulleys, four to six spackle buckets.

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