Station 2
Flapjack Relay

Each patrol needs to build a fire and cook a pancake.

The pan is run to one end of the area, and the pancake put on a plate.

The plate is run to the other end of the area, and syrup put on the pancake.

Then plate back again, and PL eats the pancake.

This is a timed event. Score based on total time, relative to other patrols.


3. Utensilless Cooking

Give the patrol an egg.

They must cook it without using commercial utensils (i.e. pots, messkits, etc). Scoring:

Award 1-10 points for method, teamwork, knowledge.

Bonus 2 points if they eat the egg.


4. Cooking Gadgets

Basically, this is a pioneering station. The patrol should build something with a cooking connection.

The pioneering projects will be left up for everyone to look at during the afternoon demonstration period.

Allow the patrol as much time as they want.

Scoring: will be awarded by a team of judges at lunch time.


5. First Aid

Scoring: award up to 10 points.

May award up to 2 points additional as bonus, if desired.


6. Kim’s Game

Allow patrol to look at items for two minutes.

Then, they must list everything they can remember.

Scoring: at end, ranked by number of items listed correctly minus number wrong.

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