Tioughnioga District Fall 1993 Camporee
Saturday Schedule

Morning Session - 9:00 to 12:00

A. Jamboree on the Air - Ham Radio Station*

B. "Encounter with an Alien" *

C. "Logan's Run" - obstacle course / relay race *

D. Engineering Problems I - "Reactor Fuel" / "Save the AGBear"

E. "A Fall of Moondust" - communications / teamwork exercise

F. "Different Worlds - Different Folks" - environment / nature

G. Paper Airplane flying / Stone Skipping Contest - a competition just for fun

H. Finding Your Way by Satellite - Orienteering using the Global Positioning System

I. "A Shocking Mission" - First Aid

X/Y. Videos: 9:00 "To Fly!" - The first IMAX film from the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum*
9:45 "The Dream is Alive" - Video from and about the Space Shuttle *
10:30 "Flyers" - A young stunt pilot learns about flying
11:15 "Wings of Thunder" - Exciting air show video set to music

Afternoon Session - 1:30 to 4:30

A. Jamboree on the Air - Ham Radio Station *

B. "Encounter with an Alien" *

C. "Logan's Run" - obstacle course / relay race *

J. "Planetary Survey" - observation / sensing

K. Flying Saucer Olympics (Frisbee event) - another just-for-fun competition

L. "Mars Rover"

M. Model Rocket Demonstration - non-competitive

N. "After Man, What?" - ecology / nature / art

O. Engineering Problems II - "Pipeline" / "Boats for Atlantis"

X/Y. Videos: 1:30 "The Right Stuff" - Precision jet flying teams in performance
2:15 "The Dream is Alive"*
3:00 "The Eagle Has Landed" - NASA video - Apollo XI on the moon
3:45 "To Live and Work in Outer Space"

Stations marked with "*" offered both Morning and Afternoon Sessions

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