Information Packet

Flying High With The Scouts

Fall Camporee 2001

General Information

EVENT RULES         Scout Oath and Scout Laws. Because of the nature and location of this event, there will be some very specific safety guidelines for campers such as off limits areas and inappropriate actions.  Friday evening, all areas including the bean field, and any area outside the fencing are off limits.  You will be briefed on additional safety and security rules after Flagraising on Saturday morning.  Any Scout or Scouter not adhering to these guidelines will be asked to leave the Camporee.


UNIFORMS              Uniforms will be worn at all times.   The Boy Scouts of America is a uniformed organization. Considering the size of this event and the number of other uniformed groups present (National Guard, Civil Air Patrol, etc.) it is important that all Scouts are in uniform.  The Scout uniform for this event will consist of, but is not limited to, an official BSA shirt (buttoned and tucked in) with unit numbers properly attached.  If you have any questions, please see the Scout Handbook or BSA Insignia Guide. Scouts not in uniform will not be allowed to take airplane rides!


SAFETY/SECURITY A safety and security briefing will be given directly following the opening Flagraising ceremony on Saturday.  It is mandatory for all campers to attend this briefing.  Members of the Civil Air Patrol are providing flight line and campground security. 


MEALS                      Saturday & Sunday Breakfasts: Breakfast will be served in kits, serving four per kit.  Units send TWO Scouts to the food tent in their camping area to receive the food for their unit. They must present the appropriate unit meal ticket in order to receive the breakfast kits.


                                    Lunch & Supper: Each person will receive one ticket for lunch and one for supper.  Each person may present the appropriate ticket at the food tent in his or her camping area to receive the meal.  All persons with special diets can present their lunch ticket at Food Tent B.


CHECKOUT              Units will police their own sites.  Remember, Scouts leave it cleaner than they found it! Senior Patrol Leaders must check out at HQ.  Please turn in your Camporee Evaluation.  Upon completed checkout, you will receive patches and unit event recognition.


1st Aid                          Each troop should be able to care for minor injuries.  Major injuries will be attended to by staff at Headquarters.  Please have the proper medical paperwork handy for every boy.


Flashlights                  This is an operating airport and there may be traffic coming and going throughout the

& Lanterns                 night.  Lanterns and standard flashlights are permissible (Maglights or smaller). Hand held spotlights and laser pointers are not allowed under any circumstances.  No lights should be pointed to the sky. Any lights pointed into the sky will be confiscated.


Fires                            No fires allowed in campsites.  Staff will host an evening campfire on Saturday. 


Garbage                      ALL garbage must go in designated garbage cans or dumpsters!  Each unit will be responsible for policing their site before checkout.


Latrines                      Portable Toilets available on site.


Water                          Water will be available.


Schedule of events



                5:00-9:00                                 Check in  and setup camp

                9:00                                         Crackerbarrel and Leaders Orientation (For Unit Leaders and Staff)

                10:00                                       Taps      


                6:30                                         Staff Reveille

                6:45-7:15                                 Staff Breakfast

7:00                                         Reveille  

                7:15-8:45                                 Breakfast

                9:00                                         Flagraising

                9:15-9:30                                 Staff Briefing and Event Setup

                9:30-11:30                               Events/Displays/Merit Badge/ Flights

                11:30-1:00                              Lunch and Free Time

                1:00-1:30                                 Airshow

                1:30-5:30                                 Events/Displays/Merit Badge/ Flights                            

                5:30-6:30                                Supper and Free Time

                Colors retired at dusk

                7:00                                         Vespers Service

                7:30                                         Campfire

Following the campfire        Minnehaha Falls Chapter Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony

                9:30                                         Order of the Arrow Crackerbarrel

                10:00                                       Taps


                6:30                                         Staff Reveille

                6:45-7:15                                 Staff Breakfast

7:00                                         Reveille  

                7:15-8:45                                 Breakfast

                9:00-10:30                               Break camp and checkout with staff


Events and Activities

AVIATION MERIT BADGE All of the information and instruction for Scouts wishing to earn the Aviation Merit Badge is included in your registration packet.  Please make sure all interested Scouts understand these instructions.  Once Scouts complete all necessary requirements, they will meet with an Aviation Merit Badge Councilor.  At this time they should provide their own Blue Cards.  If your troop does not have Blue Cards, please check with the Merit Badge Councilors.  A list of Councilors is included for Scouts who do not finish the badge at the Camporee.


PROGRAM AREAS             Each unit will be assigned a schedule of program areas to attend.  There are three areas, which are broken into two-hour time slots.  (9:30-11:30, 1:30-3:30, 3:30-5:30)  Merit Badge requirements will be available in each are for Scouts working on the badge.

AREA 1          Area 1 will have static displays including WWII Warbirds, unique aircraft, and a variety of aviation activities.

AREA 2          Area 2 will include the aviation career expo and information on programs in aviation education.

AREA 3          Area 3 will have static displays including Minnesota Air National Guard Helicopters and flight simulator cockpits.


AIRCRAFT RIDES  Tickets for airplane rides are in the registration packet.  Each ticket is numbered and has an approximate time that the ticket bearer should report to the ride staging area. All Scouts must be accompanied to the staging area by a unit adult to confirm identification.  The times and availability of all aircraft rides are subject to change or cancellation.



Trading Post

The trading post will have refreshments and snacks throughout the weekend.  Hours and location of operation are as follows.

                Friday                     7:00-9:00 Near Headquarters

                Saturday                                9:30-11:00               In the program areas

                                                1:00-5:00 In the program areas

5:30-7:00 Near Headquarters - tentative


Evening Programs

Friday Night Crackerbarrel      The Friday night Crackerbarrel will be an orientation for all Scoutmasters.  This will be an important session to attend to get information on Saturday’s activities, details on meals, and the safety and security guidelines.


Vespers     There will be a non-sectarian, non-denominational vespers service held Saturday evening.  The location will be announced at the Camporee.  A Scout is Reverent.


Saturday Night Campfire     Saturday evening the staff will host a campfire.  If your unit is armed with a good song or skit, they can let the staff at HQ know on Saturday and they may get to perform at the campfire.  We may also have some interesting guest speakers so you won’t want to miss it.


Order of the Arrow Callout  The Minnehaha Falls Chapter Order of the Arrow will be holding their annual callout ceremony following the Saturday evening campfire.


Saturday Night OA Crackerbarrel     The Saturday night crackerbarrel will be for Lodges and Chapter Officers, those Arrowmen on Camporee Staff and new OA Ordeal candidates.  (This includes Minnehaha Falls and Lake Minnetonka)






Metro Lakes and Lake Minnetonka District

2001 Fall Camporee Evaluation


Please have Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, and Scoutmaster fill out and return at check out.  Each evaluation will be read and considered in the planning of future Camporees. (Keep in mind that we had nothing to do with the weather, good or bad.  Comments concerning weather will not help us improve our programs.)


1. What did you like best about the Camporee and why?




2. What did you like least and why?




3. What could have been done differently to improve this Camporee?




4. Were the events able to include all of your scouts? If not, which events presented problems and what were they?




5.        How were the evening programs?  Content okay?  Too Long?  Too Short?




6.        Did you feel that the staff was knowledgeable and organized?  Need to improve? How?




7.   Did the information packet include all of the information you needed? If not, what should have been included?

















We are always looking for willing volunteers to help out on Camporee staff.   If anyone in your unit (youth or adult) is interested in staffing future Camporees, please write their name and a way to contact them below.