Klondike Derby Contest Rules

January 9 -11, 2004



Contests are based in on “The Klondike Gold Rush”, “The Iditarod”, and “Team Work”.


 The boys should have a fun filled day.




 Materials:  Materials will not be provided and may not be available on site for construction of camp gadgets, gateways or other events.  It is suggested that you get an assortment of lodge pole pine poles to use for construction and in the events.   The number & sizes of poles will be up to you to determine.  You will also have to supply your own rope.   This means that you will have to do some planning before hand.    


Be sure to check the “Suggested Supplies & Equipment List”





We are camping in Montana in the winter.  Keep Warm and Dry


Remember this is a winter activity, Dress warmly and bring a change of dry clothes.  The weather maybe mild or we may be up to our knees in snow with the temperature around or below zero.   This would be a good time to discuss “The Laws of Layering” pg. 40 October, 2003 Scouting Magazine as there will be periods of intense activity as times of inactivity.  That is if you can believe that scouts can be inactive.


 Webelos:  The Webelos will be working with a patrol / troop as part of the contest.  Their contests will be basically the same as the boy scouts, except that their patrol leaders will  assist them in the activities.  The Cub Scout leaders can watch / supervise but are asked not to assist the Webelos / Scouts, Part of this contest is having the scouts help the Webelos and integrate them into the patrol.    “Team Work” & “Working with Others”.



Patrol size:  You will need a patrol of at least 5 scouts this includes the Webelos.  You may borrow scouts from other patrols or troops to make up the needed size. 


Contest Site: The contest will be held at Hoover Creek, approximately 4 miles towards Kings Hill on the left side (east) of the highway.  You will need to transport your boys, sleds and materials there and back.





Rules: The events will be judged on how quickly the scouts solve the problem (speed) and the correctness of the techniques used to solve the problem. 



Map Reading: Finding information on a map.


Map Reading Judging and Scoring:


The patrol will answer the questions on the score sheet. 5 pts per correct answer.


The Webelos need to be involved.  If the Webelos are involved 100% of the time the patrol gets 100% of the points that they earn, if the Webelos are only involved 50% of the time the patrol gets 50% of the points that they earn, etc.


Sled Inspection: Inspection of the sled and the supplies and equipment.


Sled Inspection Scoring: Use the Suggested Supply List as a basis for Inspection.  There are 28 items listed, Deduct 4 points for each item that they do not have.  They have to have both the map and compass to get credit.  A  Montana state map, a county map or an area map will qualify.  Two or more tent stakes qualify as tent stakes.  As long as they have an assortment of rope (nylon, sisal, cotton, poly, etc) that will qualify and met the requirement for rope.  Make a note on the scoring sheet of any large items that they have that are not listed, as they will need to have them on the sled for the sled race.





Troop Number & Patrol name                                     SLED SCORE

Knots, Lashings & Camp Gadgets:  Just like it says.


Knots, Lashings & Camp Gadgets Judging and Scoring: 


Score the following areas from 0 – 10 points each.  0 = not done, 5 = done very poorly, 7 = Average, 10 = perfect. 


Each scout and Webelo will tie a square knot.  Page 8     10 points


Each scout will tie the following knots. The higher ranking scouts will demonstrate and help the Webelos.  The knots should look like the one illustrated in the Boy Scout Handbook.


Timber Hitch      Page 138          10 points


Clove Hitch        Page 139          10 points


Bowline             Page 149          10 points


Sheet Bend       Page 150          10 points


The patrol will work together to tie the following lashings including the clove hitch on the end.


Square Lashing Page 141          10 points


Shear Lashing               Page 142          10 points


Diagonal Lashing           Page 143          10 points


Round Lashing               Page 147          10 points.  They can use their book for this one.


Tripod Lashing               Page 147          10 points.  They can use their book for this one also.  They will make a tripod using a tripod lashing.  They may keep the tripod to use during the fire building contest.







Troop Number & Patrol name                                     KNOTS SCORE

Winter Rescue:  Again “Be Prepared” to rescue someone in a winter environment.


Winter Rescue Judging and Scoring:  This is a timed event.  Be sure to write down the starting and ending time. 


The situation is that there are three scouts that have fallen through the ice in a lake and are hanging on to the edge that is 50 foot away.  The patrol need to rescue the scouts.


You need to rescue one scout by throwing a line to the scout and pulling him back to shore.  The remaining patrol members must take turns throwing the line to the scouts to be rescued.  The scouts to be rescued need to sit on the ground and can not move from their place to get the rope, they may reach for the rope.   The scout needs to be pulled back but may ride on a tarp, to keep clothes clean and make the pull easier.  After this scout is rescued (pulled back to the line) he may help rescue the others.


You need to rescue one scout by lashing together poles and pulling him back; he also may ride on a tarp and help rescue the others once he is rescued (pulled back to the line).


The third scout you need to rescue by reaching out to him.  Remember you need to have someone on shore and must be in connected with each other so that you may pull him back without endangering yourself.  Again he may ride on a tarp.  Only those on shore (behind the line) may pull the scouts back.


Reference page 104-107 Scout Book




Troop Number & Patrol name                                     RESCUE TIME


Fire Starting:  We will provide the tinder.  Boil water in a gallon can.


Fire Starting Judging and Scoring:  This is a timed contest. 100 pts for 1st.


The scouts will use the tripod that they prepared at the “Knots and Lashing Contest”.


They are to suspend their one gallon can with 2 litters of water in it from the tripod and adjust it until the bottom of the can is 12 inches from the ground.


The time starts after they have adjusted the height and are told to start by the judge. Be sure to write down the start time and stop time, so we can check the math.


They will build a fire under the can and bring the water to a rolling boil. When the water is boiling the time stops.


If they spill the water, they start over.


They get 1 match a piece of paper and some small kindling to start their fire with.  They will need to gather the rest of the fire material that they need.  They are not to use pre-prepared fire starting materials other than these. 


If they need an additional match they may get them one at a time from the contest chair, who will record their name and penalize them 1 minute.





Troop Number & Patrol name                           HOT WATER TIME

Backpack Hot Lunch: Make a hot lunch for your patrol & Webelos on a portable backpacking stove.  Judged on how good of a job the patrol does, and this includes cleanup.  Each individual in the patrol will need to have their personal eating kit to eat with.


Backpack Hot Lunch Scoring:


Score the following areas from 0 – 10 points each.  0 = not done, 5 = done very poorly, 7 = Average, 10 = perfect. 


Was the meal hot?


Was the whole patrol involved in the preparation and clean up after the meal?        


Were the Webelos involved?


Was the meal complete and, nutritious?


Did the meal satisfy the scouts hunger? Was there enough to eat?


Was it a good meal?  Did it taste good?


Did they prepare the meal safely?  See stove safety rules in the scout handbook.


Did they prepare the meal cleanly? 


Did they clean up their cooking and eating utensils?  Were disposable items bagged for disposal?


Did they cook the meal in a timely manner? 





Troop Number & Patrol name                                     LUNCH SCORE

 Orienteering: Finding yourself using a map & compass in the woods.


Orienteering Judging and Scoring: Finding




First Aid: “Be Prepared” for any first aid emergency.


First Aid Judging and Scoring: “Be




Sled Race: You must race with the equipment that you used during the day on your sled.


Sled Race Judging and Scoring: This is a timed event.  Be sure to write down the starting and ending time.


They must race with everything that they had on their sled at the start, minus the food that they had for lunch, the water and the poles.


Check this against the starting sheet.



Webelos Involvement: This will count towards your contest points.  Troops will need to involve the Webelos in their activities.  Troops start working with you packs.  If you don’t have a pack a list of packs will be made available.  See Deb Kemper if you have any questions.


Rules: The events will be judged on how quickly the scouts solve the problem (speed) and the techniques used to solve the problem.


 Points will be awarded for each event as follows:

1st        100                             8th          35

2nd         90                              9th          30

3rd          80                              10th       25

4th          70                              11th       20

5th          60                              12th       15

6th          50                              13th       10

7th          40                              14th         5






Troop Number & Patrol name                           SLED RACE TIME

Time Line:



            Jan. 10   7:00                Reveille


                        10:00                Start Contests @ Hoover Creek              

                        12:00                Lunch on your own @ Hoover Creek

                          1:00                Afternoon Contests

                          4:00                Sled Races @ Hoover Creek


                          7:30                Campfire – Guests – Awards –



Materials needed


1 gal can with bail


Fire extinguisher


Stop watches


Rope – twine for starting lines and ending lines.


12” rule


50‘ tape


Fire Starter