Here are a number of web sites with multiple themed camporees each



Working Backward...

   Camporee is in May

   Registration is in April

   Final program information is in March

   Patch artwork is complete in February

   Patch design is selected in January

   Patch design contest starts in November

   Theme is announced in October


   Need some time to work out games and events to follow the theme... So, the theme should be selected by August, or better yet, select the next theme when the staff is reflecting on the current Camporee


Creative Planning

What does it take to get started?


  What has your District done in the past?

  What special events might be coming up?

  Are there any historical events that can be modeled?

  What kind of facilities are available?

  How much time is there to plan?

  Who can be a part of the planning?

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