Who Runs The Events

      Camporee is a Boy Scout event

      Camporee is designed so that units can test their program

      If the unit is testing their program, the boys need to be able to participate

      The answer is to use the adults that come to Camporee with each of the units and they become Event Staffers

Event Staffer

      For each patrol registered, the unit must supply one adult (or more) to be on event staff

      The event staff runs the event, the boys participate remember, Camporee is for testing the patrol method, the team is the patrol

      Adults from various units serve as event staff, side by side, some never having met the person they are working with until Camporee.

      Working in this manner, the adults get to see all units, all styles, etc., in general making the district just a little smaller

      Last Camporee, we had 80 adults on Event Staff

Youth Staff

      Every Camporee needs lots of youth staff

  Campfire planning

  Traffic control

  Campsite inspection


  OA Call out

  OA Brotherhood


  And much more

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