The “Evil Scoutmaster Hat”


1.  Evil in this case means making the game just a little harder than what is expected

    –  If the game is a stretcher carry, one of the patrol members is picked at random (toss of a die, draw straws, pick a card, etc) to be the one carried (might be the biggest guy in the patrol)

    –  If the game is a compass game, do it with a paper bag over the head so you have to follow the bearing and can’t see landmarks


2.  Evil means adding a twist

    –  The high adventure relay has to go up the creek rather than down

    –  The creek is too shallow to paddle in a bunch of spots (we could have used the part you could paddle the     whole way, but that would be too easy)


3.  Don’t go overboard

    -  Remember – the average should be able to complete the challenge

    -  Example - William Tell Shoot – hit an apple with the arrow - didn’t work well

        –  Distance was too long

        –  Apple was too small

        –  Bows did not have knots to mark true perpendicular for knocking the arrow


4.  Circle Compass Game is available from a number of places

    -  Game has 60 stock cards – wrote program to generate all possible cards

    -  Now have 500 unique cards


5.  Compass games can be turned into speed trials

    –   Using Circle Compass game, make each team compete on speed and accuracy

    –   They have to complete N cards, all must be correct and fastest team wins

    –   Take the basic skill and ratchet up the difficulty – do it with a bag over your head or do it at night (this is really evil if the grass is long ...) or, even more difficult do it walking backward (you can follow the white instead of the red part of the arrow)


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