1998 Metro Lakes’ Fall Camporee

The Metro Lakes District would like to invite all of the Scouts and Scouters to the 1998 Fall Camporee.

This year the Fall Camporee is being held at the Rum River Campgrounds. The Dates are September 25, 26, 27.

The events that will be offered at this year’s Fall Camporee are: Tripod Building, Fire Starting, Compass Course, Blindfold Knot Tying, Bucket Brigade Obstacle Course, Rapids Crossing, Canoe Races, and a Scavenger Hunt. There will also be a campsite judging that will be done by the District Commissioners.

Time Line for Camporee


7:00pm to 9:00pm Check in

9:00pm to 10:00pm Scouters Crackerbarrel

11:00 Light’s Out


7:00am Reveille

7:30am to 8:30am SPL Breakfast

9:00am to 9:30am Flag Raising and opening ceremony

9:30 am to 11:30 am Morning Events

11:30am to 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm to 4:30pm Afternoon Events

4:15pm to 5:00pm Free Time and Trading Post

5:00pm to 7:00pm Dinner

7:00pm to 7:30pm Chapel Services

7:30pm to 7:45pm Flag Lowering

8:00pm to 9:30pm Campfire

11:00pm Lights Out


7:00am Reveille

8:00am to 10:00am Check out and Campsite Inspections


Colbert Lodge will be the Headquarters for the Camporee. All Troops must check in and out at Colbert. The Crackerbarrel and SPL Breakfast will be held at Colbert. All Troop registrations MUST be turned in Friday Night!

Each unit is responsible for having a first aid kit as well as having each Scout’s health history and permission slip with them. Troops will keep all forms with them in their camp site in case of emergencies. Colbert will also be the designated First Aid station in case of major emergencies. Any injuries must be reported immediately to the Campmaster.

Each Troop is asked to have at least one leader at the Scouters Crackerbarrel. A chili dinner will be served. Also, Troops are asked to have every SPL at the SPL Breakfast. Important information will be disseminated at each. It is not necessary to have the Scouters or the SPLs bring eating utensils, the District will provide silverware, cups, and bowls.

The cost for the Fall Camporee is $6 per person.

The deadline for registration is September 18th. Late registration will be an extra $10 per unit to cover cost of extra patches being printed. Patches will be handed out to units that pre-register first.


Rules for the Events

Blindfold Knot Tying

Each member of a patrol will be blindfolded, they will they be asked to tie six different knots: square knot, bowline, timber-hitch, two half hitches, clove hitch, and tautline hitch. Each Scout will have 30 seconds to tie each knot.

Scoring: Event Coordinators will add up the total number of knots tied correctly and then divide by the number of Scouts in the patrol.

Fire Building

Each patrol will be given two stick matches and directed to a place where there are two poles driven into the ground. There will be two strings tied between the poles, one at 8 inches, the other at 12 inches off of the ground. Each patrol can use any kindling found on the ground in the immediate area, NO FIRE STARTERS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ALL. This is to be a test of proper fire building, not of how much dryer lint you can pile in. Scouts are encouraged to bring something to strike the matches with. The fire lay cannot go above the lower string at any point or the patrol is disqualified. Once the lower string has been burned through, no additional materials may be placed on the fire. This encourages proper fire building, rather than just putting on tons of leaves.

Scoring: Timed event. Each additional match will add 15 seconds to score.

Bucket Brigade Obstacle Course

Each patrol will have to fill a bucket by carrying water buckets over the obstacle course. There will be five Scouts per patrol, if the patrol wants to have more Scouts, there will be a 30 second penalty for each additional Scout. Scouts can be placed at various points along the obstacle course so they do not have to carry the bucket over the wall and so on.

Scoring: Timed Event, 30 second penalty for each Scout over the five person maximum.

Tripod Building

Each patrol must build a tripod by using 3-eight foot poles as the legs and 3-six foot poles as the crossbeams. There will be one 12 foot rope which will be used as the top tripod lash, as well as 6-eight foot ropes which will be use to lash the crossbeams. Scouts must follow the Scout Handbook procedures on the correct way to build a tripod. Scouts must take down tripod prior to leaving site.

Scoring: Timed Event, with a 15 second penalty for each incorrect knot or lashing. Additional points will be awarded for Tripod standing straight, being able to hold the judge, and for having the center lash tied correctly.

Compass Bearing Event

A course will be set up with a stake in the center, and 20-25 stakes in a loose ring about 30-40 feet out from the center. All Patrols will start from the center stake and work out from there. The sheet will give a compass bearing and distance, the Scouts will have to go to the stake at that bearing and write that number down. They will then read the next bearing and proceed to that stake, record that number, and so on until completed. Each sheet will end up at the center stake so they will know at the end if it said 120 degrees, 25 feet, and that did not end up anywhere near the center stake, they will know they made a mistake somewhere along the line. Scouts can then go back and start again. A 20’ string will be available for Scouts to determine pace.

Scoring: Timed Event, with each correct answer worth one point,

Portage Race

Scouts from each Patrol will have to transport 3 canoes and 2 loaded Duluth Packs through a course, when the course is completed, they will switch items with other members of the Patrol and do a second lap through the course. Since there is 3 canoes and only 2 packs, when the items are switched, it is OK to have 1 canoe still carried by the same person. If there is more Scouts than items, all Scouts in the Patrol MUST carry something. All items must be placed on the ground at the starting point at the end of each lap.

Scoring: Timed Event.

All Day Scavenger Hunt

At the SPL breakfast we will give the SPL a list of items that each patrol needs to find throughout the day. The SPL will get one list for each patrol he has. The sheet and items will be turned in at the last competition that the patrol goes through during the day. That Event Coordinator will then turn the sheet into the person running the event. The lists will be made up of enough items that there is only a small chance of a patrol finding everything. The list could be made up of things such as various leaves, a pine cone, certain weeds (not poison ivy J ), etc. Patrols will be given a bag to carry the items in. Bonus points will be awarded for extra questions on the Scavenger Hunt Score Card. Patrols are encouraged to look for items en-route from one event to the next. This is one reason for the change in the way Patrols are rotated through events.

Scoring: One point per item, some extra credit questions also.

Rapids Crossing

Two sides of a river will be marked using rope, the sides will be approximately 35 feet apart. There will be piles of sandbags(rocks) spaced approximately 7 feet from each other. Each Patrol will consist of five Scouts. They will be given a eight foot long 2x4 to use as a bridge. The goal is to have every Scout make it across the river and back without falling off of the bridge or the rocks.

Scoring: Timed Event, with a 30 second penalty for every time a Scout falls off. There is also a 1 minute Penalty for each Scout under the 5 person minimum in the Patrol. If a Patrol wants to try with more than 5 Scouts, a 1 minute bonus will be given for each Scout over 5.

Campsite Judging

The rules for the Campsite Judging contest will be distributed to the Scoutmasters at the Scoutmaster Crackerbarrel Friday night.



1998 Metro Lakes Fall Camporee Registration Form

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Troop #___________

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Scoutmaster’s Phone #_____________________________________

Assistant Scoutmaster’s Name_______________________________

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Patrol Names______________________________________________________________________

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If more than 25 Scouts will be attending, please feel free to photocopy this form

The deadline for registration is September 18th. Late registration will be an extra $10 per unit to cover cost of extra patches being printed.