Here are some links to other Camporee Pages: I have grouped some of them and added a few comments as well. Some of these pages may make you wonder why I included them, mainly it is because there is one or two items on there that may be of some use to a person new to running Camporees, whether it is a registration idea, or something to do with an off the wall event. There is something in everyone of these links that caught my eye. You will also notice that after the first couple I stopped making nice links to the pages and just started cutting and pasting, I don't do pretty html.

By the way, I will soon go back through and add more relevant comments when I get some time.

Here is a Camporee Page sent in by David Andersen - I moved this link to the top of the page because I liked it that much! - West Point Military Academy Camporee

Relief of Maeking

Mission Impossible

Here are some other good ideas at US Scouts Camporee page
archeology camporee
adding ham radio to your camporee
This camporee combines BSA and GSA
safe scouting theme, not much info but an interesting idea
military theme
camporees canadian style
for the really hardcore camporee person with an international bent
good stuff from scouts-L
interesting post campore reporting idea
an incredibly organized camporee
first aid camporee
some good pictures of a camelot style camporee
an ash listing, as an example of a way to post the info on the net - multi-lingual website, nice but unfortunately it has too many popup banners - another international camporee - camporee/cuboree - a council 'camporall' type event - a webelos transition event - more great ideas from the USScouts people - similiar from the people - scoutmaster's camporee - cub camporee   - Another international type camporee - a patch site that has lots of camporee patches you can 'borrow' ideas from - no info but some interesting pictures you can get some ideas from - advancement theme


After awhile of adding links to this page I finally decided to just add the Google search that I was using.  This way you can go through as many links as you want.  When I use the following search parementers I get 33,700 hits, enjoy yourself.

If you will notice I exclude pathfinder, calvinist, and dpt.  They all use the word camporee in their events so I eliminated around 20,000 websites and a lot of wasted time by excluding their sites.


If you know of a link to a great Camporee Page let me know.

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