The Survival Camporee!!


Opening Scene

Our intrepid Scouts are seated in a plane with a Steward/Stewardess serving them their dinner. While this is happening our fearless pilots are discussing things in the cockpit:

Narrator: (In best Twilight Zone voice) As our story opens, your Patrol is in a small plane heading off to a high adventure week of backpacking in the Rockies. Only you don’t realize how high this adventure is going to be.

Pilot: Did you see the game the other night, Chuck?

Copilot: ( in a good Scandinavian accent) You betcha!! The Vikes whupped packer butt.

Pilot: Yeah, that was a great game. (Long Pause) I sure hope they got that rear stabilizer fixed. We have been complaining about that for weeks and they keep telling us there is nothing wrong.

Copilot: It makes me nervous flying in a plane that you can’t trust, especially over the Rocky Mountains.

Pilot: Yeah, I know what you mean. So what’s our current position anyway?

Copilot leans over with a map and shows him exactly where they are.

Pilot: (On the PA system) Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking. Right now we are passing over Middle-of-Nowhere Colorado. (Scouts appear to look out the windows) We are on course and should be arriving at our destination in about an hour.

Meanwhile, back in the cabin:

Steward: So, where are all of you boys heading?

Scout 1: We are going backpacking in the rockies.

Steward: Wow, sounds kind of dangerous.

ScoutMaster: Not really, not if you are prepared like we are. We have plenty of food, first aid supplies, maps and compasses. We should have no problem.

Other assorted silly conversation as Scouts pretend to eat there dinner.

Steward: Well I hope you boys enjoy your hike.

Scout 2: Looks around. Hey, do you guys feel that? It’s like the floor is vibrating.

At this point all of the Scouts start pretending to be talking in a very agitated state. They also start to bounce very lightly as if in turbulence.

Meanwhile in the Cockpit. Pilot and copilot also bounce.

Pilot: Chuck, do you feel that? I don’t like that at all.

Copilot: Me neither. We should probably cut back on airspeed and altitude just in case it is serious.

Pilot: OK, bringing it down to 200 knots airspeed. (Pause) Ok, we are down to 5,000 feet and holding.

As soon as he says this all actors lurch forward in their seats , they then start bouncing wildly.

Pilot: Oh My God!! We’ve lost the rear stabilizer. We’re going down. Chuck, get out a mayday.

Copilot: Mayday!! Mayday!! Flight 260 is going down just west of Middle-of Nowhere Colorado. I repeat, Mayday!! Mayday!! Flight 260 is going down just west of Middle-of Nowhere Colorado.

While he is doing this, the pilot is on the PA system.

Pilot: This is the Captain speaking. We have just experience a major malfunction. We are going down. Cabin crew, make sure everyone is in crash position.

At this point the steward starts going up and down the aisle pretending to make sure seat belts are fastened.

Scout 1: We’re going to die, aren’t we?? We are, I know it!!

Scoutmaster: Don’t worry everyone, it will be just fine. I have confidence it this wonderful airline and it’s equipment.

Meanwhile in the cockpit:

Copilot: OH NO!! Mike, the radio isn’t working!!

Pilot: WHAT!! That means they won’t have any idea where we are going down. When we dropped altitude back there we would have gone off their radar screens. They will never find us! Keep trying!!

Copilot: Repeats Mayday statement up above over and over till crash.

Meanwhile, panic has taken hold in the cabin, where they are still bouncing around.

Scout 2: I don’t wanna die!!!

Scout 4: (who is playing a gameboy) Will all of you shut up so I can at least finish this last game before I die!! I am just about to beat the all time high score on this!

Scoutmaster: (In hysterical tone of voice) Everyone keep calm!! Don’t panic!! Everything is going to be OK!!

PL: (Who is calmly readying a Scout Handbook) That’s right guys. Just listen to Mr. Smith. We are not going to die. (He promptly goes back to reading the book)

Scoutmaster: (Still near hysterics) Yeah! See! Just what he said! That’s a good Patrol Leader. We are not going to die. We are not going to die. (keeps repeating this softly).

Just then the copilot points ahead and says:

Copilot: Mike, look out for that tree!!

Pilot: (Over the PA) Prepare for impact!!

As soon as he says that everyone pitches forward out of their seat amid much screaming. They all then lie perfectly still.

Narrator: Our intrepid adventures have found much more adventure than they were looking for. But who will live and who will not? That is the question.

Gradually the survivors start to stir. Scout 3 starts moaning incessantly but does not stir.

PL: You guys OK?

Scout 1: Just bruises for me, how about you Joe?

Scout 2: I’m OK, but it looks like Mr. Smith did die. (Shakes his head). I will go check on the rest of the guys.

PL: OK I will go check in the cockpit. (Looks out a window) It looks like we crashed on the edge of a lake, you had better get the guys out of here in case we sink.

Scout 2: OK, I’ll have them grab anything that will help also.

As the PL goes forward the rest of the survivors huddle around Scout 3.

Scout 5: Looks like both his legs are broke. Bill, you start splinting the left leg; Tim, you take the right leg. Greg, you bandage that cut on his head. Joe, you start making a stretcher so we can get out of here before the plane sinks.

While they are working on that, the PL finds the captain, who is just barely alive.

PL: Where are you injured.

Pilot: Don’t worry about it kid. I am a goner.

PL: Don’t say that, I have first aid merit badge, I can save you.

Pilot: Don’t sweat it kid, you can’t win them all. I need to tell you, our radio wasn’t working so the rescue crews won’t have any idea where to look. You will need to take the survivors and head for Middle-of-Nowhere, which should be just west of here. There is a map over there that should indicate our position a little while ago. You should be able to use it to find your way out.

PL: OK, but we are taking you with us.

Pilot: Not this time kid, maybe in the next life. ( He looks up, raises his hand and points to the sky) Look at the light. It’s so beautiful.

(PL looks around not seeing anything. The Pilot then dies a dramatic death. The PL then gets back up, grabs the map, and heads back to what is left of the cabin. The rest of the Scouts have done all of the first aid for Scout 3.)

PL: Well, it looks like we are going to do some backpacking after all. Let’s get ready to head out.

Scout 2: I found a compass.

PL: Ok, I got the map.

The Scouts then take the stretcher and load Scout 3 on it. The four Scouts lift up Scout 3 and look at the PL.

PL: ******** Think of something dramatic here **************

Narrator: And so begins today’s journey. Today you will face may trials and tribulations. Hopefully you will all find it in your hearts to overcome these obstacles.

The Patrols will then split up and make the stretchers.





Patrol Event List

Patrol Name:_____________________________ Troop #:_________________

Start Time: _____________ End Time: ____________________

Iron Man Competition: Yes__ No__

Please use the following directions to get from one event to the next:

From the Start Point bearing______ distance________ to event 1.

From Event 1 bearing______ distance________ to event 2.

From event 2 bearing______ distance________ to event 3.

From event 3 bearing______ distance________ to event 4.

From event 4 bearing______ distance________ to event 5.

From event 5 bearing______ distance________ to event 6.

From event 6 bearing______ distance________ to the End Point.

You must check in at each event immediately. This will stop the clock on the compass course portion of the events.

Event 1 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 1 Check-out time: __________

Event 2 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 2 Check-out time: __________

Event 3 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 3 Check-out time: __________

Event 4 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 4 Check-out time: __________

Event 5 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 5 Check-out time: __________

Event 6 Check-in Time: ______________ Event 6 Check-out time: __________