Mission Impossible


Spring 2001 Camporee


Metro Lakes District

 Camp Stearns


May 18, 19, 20







Dear Scouts and Scouters


Your Troop is invited to attend the annual Metro Lakes District Spring Camporee.  This year’s theme is “Mission Impossible”.  The Camporee dates are May 18-20.


This registration packet should help you understand what is happening at the Camporee so you can publicize it to your Troop.  Activities include the Glow in the Dark Frisbee Golf, nighttime orienteering, nighttime signal sending, Astronomy, and many other challenging and fun events.


This year we are going to be doing a night based Camporee.  All scheduled activities will happen between 10pm Friday night and 4am Saturday morning.  All competitive events will end at 2am and from 2am till 4am will mainly just be night games.  There will be a district wide flashlight tag game as well as other night games.  Saturday morning all Scouts will be required to stay in their own camp until noon to allow other Scouts to catch up on their sleep.  Scoutmasters are asked to try to keep Scouts semi-quiet during this time as well.  At 1pm Saturday the archery and rifle ranges will open up as well as possibly the beach, depending on the weather.  Those activities will not be judged in any way, it will just be for fun.  Basically from 1pm till 5pm on Saturday will be free time for Scouts to do what they want.


In addition to the exciting events we have planned this year we are also going to have a Cooking Competition.  Each Troop can submit one entry.  Troops must notify the staff that they are planning on entering prior to 1pm Saturday afternoon.  The entry must be ready prior to 6:00pm Saturday and be judged no later than 6:30pm.  


We need your assistance with staffing this event.  With many exciting activities planned for the 20-30 Troops and over 300 Scouts and Scouters we need Staff Members!  Each Troop is asked to encourage one older Scout, preferable one who is not currently an SPL or PL and who is a member of the OA, to volunteer to work on the Camporee Staff.


If there are any adults who would like to assist with the planning and staffing for future Camporees, you can also contact me as fresh ideas are always welcome for these events.


Call me, Ted McLaughlin, District Camporee Chair, at (763) 971-0968; or email at mclaught@visi.com, if you are interested in being either on staff for either this Camporee, or are interested in helping with planning future Camporees.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Camporee!!!!


Ted McLaughlin


Table of Contents


Welcome Letter                                       2

General Information                                           3

Camporee Policies                                     4

Event Schedule                                     5

Patrol Requirements                                        6

Event Descriptions                                         6

Registration Form                                        7

Pre-Registration Form                                        8





General Information


First Aid


First Aid will be available at Diamond Lake Lodge.  However, each Troop should be able to take care of minor injuries. Injuries requiring medical attention should be reported to and attended by the staff at Diamond Lake Lodge.  Please have proper medical forms for each person.  We will try to have trained medical personnel on staff for this Camporee.


Permission Slips


Every Scout should have a permission slip signed by their parents/guardians giving permission for any medical treatments, hospital visits, etc.   These forms should be kept in the campsite and be readily accessible in the event of an emergency.  All Scouts must have a separate permission slip for Rifle and Archery events.




Scouts should be in Class “A” uniforms upon arrival, at worship services, Flag Ceremonies, and during the campfire program.  During the day on Saturday Scouts may dress in either Class “A” uniforms, or Troop tee-shirts.  Patrols should dress consistently.




The cost for the Camporee this year is $7.00.  This includes a nifty patch, camp fees, rifle and archery fees, prizes, cracker-barrel, awards, and other assorted supplies and equipment.  Not too bad for a great weekend.

Camporee Policies


The following rules were made to help us have a successful and safe camping experience.  It is the responsibility of the adults in charge to see that their Scouts know and understand these rules.  Anyone caught violating them may be asked to leave the camp.


Vehicles:            Speed limit is 15 mph

No passengers in back of truck or trailer.  Vehicles limited to main roads and parking areas only.  Please, no vehicles in the campsite or blocking the roads.


Fires:                Campfires are allowed in designated spots.

                        All liquid fuels must be used with adult supervision.



                        NO FIRES OUTSIDE OF FIRE RINGS!!


Firearms:            Firearms, explosives, and fireworks are prohibited.


Conservation:            Please conserve our natural resources.  No digging, trenching, or raking.


ABSOLUTELY no cutting of brush or standing timber is allowed.  The Ranger will assess a $1.00 per foot fine up to the maximum value of the tree for cutting timber.


Adults:              At least one responsible adult (21 or older) must be in camp at all times.

We are also encouraging one adult to accompany each Patrol during the compass course.


Knives: NO straight bladed knives are allowed in camp.


Lights out:         Scouts are not allowed out of their site after lights out with the exception of to and from the latrine.


PLEASE respect others during lights out.  Scouters are asked to bring roaming Scouts to the headquarters after lights out.


Radios: No radios, stereos, tape players, headsets, etc. are allowed in camp.


Swimming:        Any Scout caught swimming or wading in the lakes or river without permission will be asked to leave camp.




Event Schedule




7:00-9:00            Check-in at Diamond Lake Lodge

9:00-9:30            Crackerbarrel for Scoutmasters & SPL’s.  We would like at least one adult

                        and one youth at Diamond Lake Lodge at 9pm.

10:00-10:30            Meet at Flag Pole for start of events.

10:30-2:00            Patrol Competitions

10:30-2:00            Trading Post open at Diamond Lake Lodge



2:00-3:00            First Night Game

3:00-4:00            Second Night Game

4:00                 All games end and Scouts return to campsite to go to sleep

4:00-12:00            Quiet time, all Scouts must remain in camp with the exception of latrines

12:00-1:00            Lunch(Breakfast?)

1:00                 Deadline to register for cooking competition

1:00-5:00            Archery and rifle ranges open, maybe beach.

1:00-6:00            Trading post open at Diamond Lake Lodge

5:00-7:00            Dinner 

6:00-6:30            Judges begin scoring cooking competition

7:30-8:00            Non-Denominational Service at Diamond Lake Lodge

8:15-8:30            Flag Retreat

8:30-9:30            Campfire

9:30-12:00            Free time (since we know the kids won’t be going to bed early)

12:30               Lights Out



7:00                 Reveille

7:30-9:00            Breakfast and break camp

9:00-10:00            Check out and campsite inspections

10:30               All units should be out of Camp.   See You In At The Fall Camporee!!




Patrol Requirements


Each Patrol will compete in all events.    The Patrol will be issued an Event Card indicating the location and time of each event.  All members of a Patrol must stay together at all times.


There will be water located at the event sites, however, Scouts will be required to have their own cup.  There will be no drinking from the water jugs allowed.


Each Troop should also plan for a skit for the campfire – it helps to have this planned out in advance.  Remember what happened last time to the Troops with no skitsJ


Mission Impossible Events


Glow in the Dark Frisbee Golf – Frisbees will be modified with glow strings so that they stick out in the dark and the ‘holes’ will be have glow sticks hanging on them so that Scouts can see them from far away.


Nighttime Orienteering – Standard orienteering course but with a huge twist, it must be done at night.  Here is were we really test Scouts Map and Compass skills.


Fire Building/Signal Sending – Scouts will build a fire and then have to send a message to other Scouts by using a reflective object to send a simple Morse code message.  Scouts can use any reflective objective, such as a mirror, that they choose.  Each Patrol must supply it’s own reflective object.


Enemy Campsite Observation – Scouts must creep up silently upon an enemy campsite and observe it.  Scouts must do it silently because if they are heard and spotlighted by the enemy then they will killed and the Patrol will lose points. A test will be given to the remaining members of the Patrol on what they observed.


Minefield Navigation – Each Patrol must navigate a minefield with the Patrol Leader being the only one able to see.  Scouts must try to avoid the mines.


Astronomy – We are planning on having quite a few telescopes available for Scouts to observe the skies, weather permitting.  Anyone who is interested in helping out with this event please contact Ted McLaughlin.


Night Games – After 2am we will shift over to District wide night games.  Any Scouts who do not wish to participate or are tired can return to their campsite and go to bed.  Night games will include games such as flashlight tag, Danish tag, blob, and others.


Archery, Rifle, and maybe Beach – After 1pm on Saturday Scouts have free time to do as they wish.  The rifle and archery range will be open to all Scouts with permission slips. Depending on the weather the beach may be open as well.

Registration Form


See Next page for Pre-Registration Form, please bring this form with you to campout.


Troop _________________             


Scoutmaster _______________________________


SPL ______________________________________



Name of Patrols __________________________________________________________



1 _____________________  2 _____________________  3_______________________


4 _____________________  5 _____________________  6_______________________


7 _____________________  8 _____________________  9_______________________


10 ____________________  11 ___________________  12 ______________________


13 ____________________  14 ____________________  15______________________


16 ____________________  17 ____________________  18______________________


19 ____________________  20 ____________________  21______________________


22 ____________________  23 ____________________  24______________________


25 ____________________  26 ____________________  27______________________


27 ____________________  28 ____________________  29______________________



1 _____________________  2 _____________________  3_______________________


4 _____________________  5 _____________________  6_______________________


Total Participation  ______________                    Payment Method:

Registration Fee     _____$7.00_____                              Troop Check  ______

Late Fee                  _______________                              Personal Check______

(if applicable $25)                                                                 Cash                _______

Total Due                _______________


Pre-Registration Form


This form is to be sent to the Viking Council Scout offices prior to May 3rd, or turned in at the May Roundtable. Any registration forms received after that will be assessed a $25 dollar late fee.  If you have any question as to why we have late fees, ask Ted McLaughlin about being at Rainbow foods at 2am Saturday morning during the 1999 Spring Camporee making additional copies of event forms to cover the Troops who showed up unexpectedly.



Troop ____________________________________________________




Estimated # of boys____________________________________________


Estimated # of Adults__________________________________________


Total amount Paid ($7 per person)________________________________



Patrol Names _________________________________________________


Due to the fact that we are beginning right away Friday evening it would be wonderful if Scoutmasters could include information with the pre-registration form such as the names of patrols so that we can have event forms already filled out for that Troop.


Refunds will be made if the expected attendance is not met.  Troops who have more show up than pre-registered will not be charged any fees over the registration costs.


Forms should be mailed to:


Viking Council, BSA

Attn: Metro Lakes Spring Camporee

5300 Glenwood Ave

Golden Valley, MN 55422








Acct Code: Metro Lakes 328