May 21-23 at Camp Stearns


Are you ready to test your fishing and raft building skills against the legendary Huckleberry Finn? Sometimes it ain’t so easy getting away with all kinds of mischief, but it helps if you do a little practicing in advance. That’s why we’re all going to get together on May 21st to see who’s the best at all these skills:


Finding good eats is easy with a good bow in your hands. If we have time maybe we’ll fry up dinner.

Rifle Shooting

It isn’t often you have a gun in your hands, but it is a heap more easier to catch dinner with a gun than with a bow.

Obstacle Course

Sometimes when you’ve done something some people think you shouldn’t have done, they start to chase you. That’s when it’s real good to be able to move through the forest like lightning.

Map Recognition

It ain’t good to be lost in the forest, that’s why we’re going to work on map recognition and distances.

Raft Building Competition

True, the lake at Camp Stearns isn’t as much fun as running a raft down the mighty Mississippi, but you have to start somewhere.

Fishing Competition

I’m the best fisherman north of Louisiana, and I have to be, cause when you are on a raft going down river it is mighty tough to hunt for game. So it is either learn to fish or go hungry. I’ll judge you on the total weight of fish caught. And I’ll give prizes also for the largest fish caught, (as well as the smallest fish caught). I might be able to sweet talk some companies into lending us some bamboo fishing poles to accommodate those of you who are crazy enough not to have your own fishing gear, however, you are HIGHLY encouraged to bring your own gear if you have it. Any of you who is 16 or over MUST have a MN state fishing license, or you could wind up in as much trouble as I have been in.


Snapper Fishing

I’m going to teach you Scouts a game that I have enjoyed for years. We will use 3 poles taped together as a big fishing pole, then we will fish for mouse traps set out in a ‘lake’. After each of you catches one he must hand the pole off to one of your buddies in your patrol. The patrol that catches the most Snappers wins.

Fly Fishing Skills Competition

It’s come to my attention that some of you don’t know how to fly fish. We will remedy that by using a Fly Fishing Rod to knock over several targets that are set at various distances around you. In this competition you will knock the targets over, then set the targets up again and hand off the rod to the next Scout

Giant Knot Tying Competition

Teamwork is important on the river. Guys have to learn to sink or swim together. We are going to work on that, as well as some making sure all of you know some vary important knots. All of you will have to tie a clove hitch, and a timber hitch, around a tree without coming within 7 feet of the tree, and just to be nice, I will let your friends help you.

Log Hoist

Have you ever built a tree house? I have, and it’s lots of fun. But to do it you have to know the proper way to hoist the logs up into the tree. I will continue to test your knowledge of knots and your teamwork in this challenging event.


Needed Materials

Fly Fishing rod

Fishing poles(estimate 3 dozen bamboo rods)

Tackle, i.e. hooks, line, sinkers, etc., enough for 3 dozen boys

Bait, as much as we can get

A couple scales to weigh fish

A couple measuring tapes to measure fish

PVC pipe, 30 pieces, 6 to 8 feet long

Mouse traps, as many as possible, at least 100

Lots and Lots of Twine

Material and markers to make some patrol flags with

5 targets for fly fishing competition, i.e. plastic bowling pins

Maps for symbol identification

Large rope for giant knot tying competition











Huck Finn Days Registration Form

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Reminder: Scouts who are 16 or older need a fishing license to participate in fishing competition.

If more than 25 Scouts will be attending, please feel free to photocopy this form

The deadline for registration is May 10th. Late registration will be an extra $10 per unit to cover cost of extra patches being printed.