Fall 2003 Camporee



Metro Lakes District

Rum River Campgrounds

September 19, 20, 21


Dear Scouts and Scouters,


Your Troop is invited to attend the annual Metro Lakes District Fall Camporee. This year’s theme is “The Bear Essentials II”. The Camporee dates are September 19-21.


This registration packet should help you understand what is happening at the Camporee so you can publicize it to your Troop. Activities will include a fire building competition, first aid, map & compass, tripod building, knot tying, and the always fun Bucket Brigade on the obstacle course.  We are also planning on having the second year Webelos attend the event so start contacting the Den Leaders now.


In addition to the exciting events we have planned this year we are also going to have a food drive like we have had in the past.  As usual we will be giving a cup of Root Beer away to each Scout (or Webelo) who brings us two cans of food.  The food shelves are always happy to receive the food at this time of year.  Unfortunately last fall most of the Scouts never got the word about the food drive so we had to sell the Root Beer instead of giving it away for food.  While that doesn’t hurt the budget we would have rather had the cans of food to help feed the hungry kids in the area.  Please promote this to the youth in your Troop.


We need your assistance with staffing this event. With many exciting activities planned for the 20 or so Troops and over 250 Scouts and Scouters we need Staff Members! Each Troop is asked to encourage one older Scout, preferably one who is not currently an SPL or PL and who is a member of the OA, to volunteer to work on the Camporee Staff.  Please contact either William Peterson or Anthony Garcia if you would like to be on staff that weekend. 


If there are any adults who would like to assist with the planning and staffing for future Camporees, you can also contact me as fresh ideas are always welcome for these events.

Call me, Ted McLaughlin, District Camporee Program Chair, at (763) 503-1133; or email at mclaught@visi.com, if you are interested in being either on staff for either this Camporee, or are interested in helping with planning future Camporees.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the Camporee!!!!


Ted McLaughlin

Metro Lakes District Camporee Committee

Program Chair



Table of Contents

Welcome Letter 2

General Information 3

Camporee Policies 4

Event Schedule 5

Patrol Requirements 6

Event Descriptions 6

Registration Form 7

Pre-Registration Form 8

General Information

First Aid

First Aid will be available at Colbert Lodge. However, each Troop should be able to take care of minor injuries. Injuries requiring medical attention should be reported to and attended by the staff at Colbert Lodge. Please have proper medical forms for each person. We will try to have trained medical personnel on staff for this Camporee.

Permission Slips

Every Scout should have a permission slip signed by their parents/guardians giving permission for any medical treatments, hospital visits, etc. These forms should be kept in the campsite and be readily accessible in the event of an emergency. We will not be doing rifle or archery this time so you will not need separate permissions slips for that this year.


Scouts should be in Class “A” uniforms upon arrival, at worship services, Flag Ceremonies, and during the campfire program. During the day on Saturday Scouts may dress in either Class “A” uniforms, or Troop tee-shirts. Patrols should dress consistently.


The cost for the Camporee this year is $7.00. This includes a nifty patch, camp fees, , prizes, cracker-barrel, awards, and other assorted supplies and equipment. Not too bad for a great weekend.



Camporee Policies


The following rules were made to help us have a successful and safe camping experience. It is the responsibility of the adults in charge to see that their Scouts know and understand these rules. Anyone caught violating them may be asked to leave the camp.


Vehicles: Speed limit is 15 mph


No passengers in back of truck or trailer. Vehicles limited to main roads and parking areas only.  Trailers may be left in a campsite but the vehicles should be moved to the parking lots.


Fires: Campfires are allowed in designated spots.


All liquid fuels must be used with adult supervision.





Firearms: Firearms, explosives, and fireworks are prohibited.


Conservation: Please conserve our natural resources. No digging, trenching, or raking.


ABSOLUTELY no cutting of brush or standing timber is allowed. The Ranger will assess a

    $1.00 per foot fine up to the maximum value of the tree for cutting timber.


Adults: At least one responsible adult (21 or older) must be in camp at all times.


Knives: NO straight bladed knives are allowed in camp.


Lights out: Scouts are not allowed out of their site after lights out with the exception of to and from the latrine.


PLEASE respect others during lights out. Scouters are asked to bring roaming Scouts to the headquarters after lights out.


Radios: No radios, stereos, tape players, headsets, etc. are allowed in camp.


Swimming: Any Scout caught swimming or wading in the lakes or river without permission will be asked to leave camp.



Event Schedule


7:00 - 9:00 Check-in at Colbert Lodge

9:00 – 10:00 Crackerbarrel for Scoutmasters. We would like at least one adult from each Troop.                                  The Troop SPL should attend the breakfast in the morning.

10:30 Lights out



7:00  Revellie

7:30  SPL Breakfast

9:00  Flag Raising

9:30  Morning events kick off

11:30 Lunch

1:00  First afternoon events kick off

5:00  Afternoon events end

1:00-6:00 Trading post open at Colbert Lodge

5:00-7:00 Dinner

8:00 Non-Denominational Service

8:30 Flag Retreat

8:30 Campfire

10:00 Lights Out



7:00 Reveille

7:30-9:00 Breakfast and break camp

9:00-10:00 Check out and campsite inspections

10:30 All units should be out of Camp. See You In At The Spring Camporee!!


Patrol Requirements

Each Patrol will compete in all events. The Patrol will be issued an Event Card indicating the location and time of each event.  The SPL will receive the Event Card at the SPL breakfast on Saturday morning.  All members of a Patrol must stay together at all times.


There will be water located at the event sites, however, Scouts will be required to have their own cup. There will be no drinking directly from the water jugs allowed.


Each Troop should also plan for a skit for the campfire – it helps to have this planned out in advance. Remember what happened last time to the Troops with no skits.


The Bear Essentials II Events:


Fire Building - Each patrol will be given two stick matches and directed to a place where there are two poles driven into the ground. There will be two strings tied between the poles, one at 8 inches, the other at 12 inches off of the ground. Each patrol can use any kindling found on the ground in the immediate area, NO FIRE STARTERS WILL BE ALLOWED AT ALL. This is to be a test of proper fire building, not of how much dryer lint you can pile in. Scouts are encouraged to bring something to strike the matches with. The fire lay cannot go above the lower string at any point or the patrol is disqualified. Once the lower string has been burned through, no additional materials may be placed on the fire. This encourages proper fire building, rather than just putting on tons of leaves.

Scoring: Timed event. Each additional match will add 15 seconds to score.


Knot Tying - Each member of a patrol will be blindfolded, they will they be asked to tie six different knots: square knot, bowline, timber-hitch, two half hitches, clove hitch, and tautline hitch.

Scoring: Event Coordinators will add up the total number of knots tied correctly and then divide by the number of Scouts in the patrol.


Tripod Building - Each patrol must build a tripod by using 3-eight foot poles as the legs and 3-six foot poles as the crossbeams. There will be one 12 foot rope which will be used as the top tripod lash, as well as 6-eight foot ropes which will be use to lash the crossbeams. Scouts must follow the Scout Handbook procedures on the correct way to build a tripod. Scouts must take down tripod prior to leaving site.

Scoring: Timed Event, with a 15 second penalty for each incorrect knot or lashing. Additional points will be awarded for Tripod standing straight, being able to hold the judge, and for having the center lash tied correctly.


Compass Bearings - A course will be set up with a stake in the center, and 20-25 stakes in a loose ring about 30-40 feet out from the center. All Patrols will start from the center stake and work out from there. The sheet will give a compass bearing and distance, the Scouts will have to go to the stake at that bearing and write that number down. They will then read the next bearing and proceed to that stake, record that number, and so on until completed. Each sheet will end up at the center stake so they will know at the end if it said 120 degrees, 25 feet, and that did not end up anywhere near the center stake, they will know they made a mistake somewhere along the line. Scouts can then go back and start again. A 20’ string will be available for Scouts to determine pace.  ALL PATROLS MUST BRING THEIR OWN COMPASS!!

Scoring: Timed Event, with each correct answer worth one point,



First Aid - In this event each Patrol will be given a first aid problem that will require them to render aid to an injured member of the Patrol. Scouts will stop bleeding, splint broken bones, do rescue breathing, and treat for shock. First aid supplies will be obtained from either Mother Nature or their backpack. Each Patrol will supply it’s own victim.


Scoring: The event will be scored based on how well each Patrol takes care of the various injuries, which injuries were treated first (i.e. did the victim bleed to death while the Patrol splinted his broken bones), how well the Patrol takes orders from the PL, how seriously the Patrol treats the event (tickling the victim loses points), whether the Patrol dials 911 (this is simulated to the judge).


Bucket Brigade Obstacle Course - Each patrol will have to fill a bucket by carrying water buckets over the obstacle course. There will be five Scouts per patrol, if the patrol wants to have more Scouts, there will be a 30 second penalty for each additional Scout. Scouts can be placed at various points along the obstacle course so they do not have to carry the bucket over the wall and so on.

Scoring: Timed Event, 30 second penalty for each Scout over the five person maximum.


Food Donations – This is complicated event.  It involves every Scout in the Patrol get two cans of food and bringing them to Colbert lodge.  Once at the lodge the Scout will hand his two cans of food over to one of the Staff members there.  After receiving his just rewards he will also have the opportunity to purchase other items from the Trading Post.


Score: Every Scout is a Winner!!  Each one gets a free glass of Root Beer as a prize!!



Registration Form

See Next page for Pre-Registration Form, please bring this form with you to campout.


Troop _________________

Scoutmaster _______________________________

SPL ______________________________________

Name of Patrols __________________________________________________________



1 _____________________ 2 _____________________ 3_______________________


4 _____________________ 5 _____________________ 6_______________________


7 _____________________ 8 _____________________ 9_______________________


10 ____________________ 11 ___________________ 12 ______________________


13 ____________________ 14 ____________________ 15______________________


16 ____________________ 17 ____________________ 18______________________


19 ____________________ 20 ____________________ 21______________________


22 ____________________ 23 ____________________ 24______________________


25 ____________________ 26 ____________________ 27______________________


27 ____________________ 28 ____________________ 29______________________



1 _____________________ 2 _____________________ 3_______________________


4 _____________________ 5 _____________________ 6_______________________


Total Participation ______________ Payment Method:


Registration Fee _____$7.00_____ Troop Check ______


Late Fee _______________ Personal Check______

(if applicable $25) Cash _______


Total Due _______________



Pre-Registration Form

This form is to be sent to the Viking Council Scout offices prior to September 15th. Any registration forms received after that will be assessed a $25 dollar late fee.


If you have any question as to why we have late fees, ask Ted McLaughlin about being at Rainbow foods at 2am Saturday morning during the 1999 Spring Camporee making additional copies of event forms to cover the Troops who showed up unexpectedly.


Troop ____________________________________________________


Estimated # of boys____________________________________________

Estimated # of Adults__________________________________________

Total amount Paid ($7 per person)________________________________


Refunds will be made if the expected attendance is not met. Troops who have more show up than pre-registered will not be charged any fees over the registration costs. 


Forms should be mailed to:

Viking Council, BSA

Attn: Metro Lakes Spring Camporee

5300 Glenwood Ave

Golden Valley, MN 55422

Acct Code: Metro Lakes 328