Broomball Tournament Information

The annual Camp Ajawah Broomball Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 21st at Camp Ajawah.  It will kick off at 10am and go until approximately 4pm.  All Troops are welcome to come out and enjoy themselves with several rousing games of broomball.

We will provide lots of hot chocolate but Troops will need to bring their own lunch, we will have a warm place for you to eat it though.  If it is possible to bring your own broomball equipment please do so (please make sure the owner's names are on them), but if you don't have any don't let that stop you from coming.

Camp Ajawah is located at 21600 Zodiac Street NE, Wyoming MN 55092, approximately 35 miles North of the Twin Cities on I35. Map (in PDF format).

If you have any questions about this please contact Dave Moore at (612) 922-4988.


Waligazhu Information

The Waligazhu is a Scouting skills competition which focuses on First Aid, Map & Compass, Knot Tying, and Tripod Building.  The history of Waligazhus go back many, many years (since even before Dave Moore was a Scout).  Troops 33 & 100 have been sponsoring it for the last 20 years or so, and recently it has started to enjoy a renewed interest by other Troops as well.  Now there are many Troops who participate in this fun event, and the Scouts who do so learn a great deal about the core Scouting Skills.  We hope that you will come out and participate with us as well.

The Waligazhu will be held on Saturday, April 17th at the NE National Guard Armory.  (Directions)  It will be from 9:30am till 3:30pm.  Troops must bring their own lunch.  We also ask that Troops also bring along a couple people who can act as judges in the competitions (adults or Jr Leaders).  If you have a strong point such as first aid or tripod building you can volunteer to score that event.

Very soon I will be posting copies of the score sheets for the various events so that Scouts and Scoutmasters can take a look at exactly how all of the competitions are scored.

If you have any questions please contact Dave Moore at (612) 922-4988.


Waligazhu Rules can be found HERE


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