March 2001 Newsletter

Do you want to know what's happenin' in Troop 33 ???

Well, keep on readin'.  In addition to our regular Monday
meetings we have the following activities planned...

February 18 (Monday)
How many US Presidents went downhill skiing?  Ponder that one as you  ski all
day at Wild Mountain!  Lots of scouts have learned to ski during our annual
Presidents Day ski trip.  If you don't ski but want to learn, be sure to
come!  Be at Westminster by 8AM so you don't miss the bus.   No evening
meeting.   Troop 33 subsidies this event so please bring a check made out to
Troop 33 (no cash if possible).  Checks need to be made out for the following
                                                               Scouts  Scouts > 18     Adult Chaperone
    Tow ticket only                                       $7         $10                       $19
    Tow ticket & ski rental                           $13        $16                       $31
    Tow ticket & snowboard rental              $17        $20                        $40

Also remember money for food or bring a bag lunch.  If you want your son to
wear protective equipment (especially for snowboarding!) please make your own

February 19 (Tuesday)
Junior leaders only - troop planning meeting

February 23-24 (Saturday and Sunday)
Adult drivers needed to help Troop 100 deliver fruit, if you can help please
call Dave. 

March 11 (Monday)
Troop Service Project - We will be making 'Comfort Kits' to help the Red
Cross. These kits will be used for disaster victims and at homeless shelters.
 A Comfort Kit includes a trial-size shampoo, a wash cloth, a small soap,
toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, tissues, small deodorant, small shaving cream
and disposable razor: All put together in a zip-lock bag.

Patrols will have a contest to see who can bring in the most supplies; we
will assemble Comfort Kits during the meeting while learning about how the
Red Cross helps victims of disasters.  Now is the time to start saving
samples from motels, hotels, etc.  More information will come home from
Monday night meetings.  Frank  is spearheading this service project, and you
can also call him with any questions.

March 30 - April 6
Utah Spring Trip An annual tradition for older scouts will be over spring
break.  Scouts from Troop 33 join with other scouts from Troop 100 to have a
wonderful hiking and camping experience in Utah.  This trip is open to scouts
who have earned First Class and above, are 13 years and older, and have good
attendance.  Please talk to Dave for more information or to sign up.

April 1 (Monday)
NO MEETING  due to spring break and Utah Spring Trip.

April 19 - April 21
Troop Overnight - more details to follow

April 27 (Saturday)
Waligazhu - Please note this is a change in date from the original date of
March 16.  There will be games in the morning and contest in the afternoon.

Summer Camps
Camp Ajawah is Westminster's and our troop's camp.  It's a great time to
experience primitive camping and earn merit badges.  There are two 2 week
sessions: July 14 - July 26 or July 28 - Aug 9.

Many Point Camp is the Minneapolis Boy Scout camp located near Park Rapids. 
There are 'All Star' dates available where individual boys are put together
into patrols.  An extensive list of merit badges can be earned while at Many
Point.  These are 1 week sessions: June 16 - June 22, June 30 - July 6, July
14 - July 20, and July 21 - July 27.  Cost is $160.  Call Jennifer at BSA
office for application: 763-545-4550.

Looking for some GREAT Volunteers for short commitment (1 to 4 hours)
We need someone to coordinate our annual spring potluck before the Court of
Honor on Monday June 3. One person to coordinate and 10 people to help with
table setting, food serving and clean-up.  Call Ellen right away!  Fun way to
get to know other parents and say thank you to the Wonderful Scoutmasters for
all they do for your son!

Do you know a potential Scout?
Now is a great time to invite 5th grade boys to join our troop. Neighbors,
friends or relatives
will appreciate your helpfulness in finding a great troop for their son.  If
you'd like to bring a potential Scout on the ski trip, contact Bob Fulton at

Future Dates to Mark Down
    May 3-5 (Friday -Sunday) Camporall
    June 3 (Monday)  Court of Honor and Family dinner

Scoutmaster - Dave Moore 612-922-4988
Volunteer Coordinator - Ellen Knighton 612-925-3841
Troop Committee Chair - John deWerff 952-936-7652
Newsletter - Nora Whiteman 612-922-4334

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