Troop 33 April 2002 Newsletter

Thank you * Thank you * Thank you!
There was wonderful support from all Scouts and their families for the recent
Red Cross Comfort Care Kit service project.  Kudos to Frank  for an excellent
job of planning and carrying out this multi-faceted service project.  Frank
researched different service projects and decided on this one because "it was
different from what we've done in the past and it helps a lot of people."
Frank talked to the troop so they understood the need, set goals for each
patrol and collected the donations.  Next, along with other patrol leaders,
he had all the comfort kits put together by Scouts at a meeting and last but
not least handed out candy bars to all for a job well done!  Over 60 complete
comfort kits (with a value of apx. $450) plus left over "extra supplies" were
delivered to the Red Cross.  These kits will be used in disaster relief. 
Next time you see a school gym full of people displaced by a storm they may
be using our kits.  The Red Cross also uses the kits at homeless shelters and
other places that they are needed.  Learning how to organize and execute a
project that helps others is one of the things that leadership in Scouting is
all about. 

Junior Leaders Make the Difference!
Leadership is an important aspect of Scouting.  It's a skill that the boys
will take with them and use the rest of their lives.  Developing Junior
Leadership takes work.  From the boys it takes maturity and perseverance,
from the mentors it requires patience at times, and the Scoutmasters need a
good deal of humor and understanding as they help our boys grow and develop. 
Setting high goals and holding the Scouts accountable is not the easiest way
to get things done but it is the best; for now and for the future.  This year
we have started a Junior Leadership Mentor program where each of the Junior
Leaders has a mentor who is there to help them and at times prod them along. 
Many thanks to those who have volunteered to mentor as it makes a big
difference in the life of the Scout and the troop as a whole.

We will be featuring a Junior Leader each month in the newsletter.  Parents
of younger Scouts will learn more about who are Junior Leaders and what they
are responsible for in the troop.

Wes  is the Troop 33 librarian/historian. Wes is in 9th grade at XXXX Middle
School.  An older brother earned his Eagle in Troop 33.  When asked about
what he likes about Scouting he said "it teaches you a lot of important
skills and also I have made a lot of good friends."  Outside of Scouting Wes
enjoys chess and is awesome - he took 13th place in the National Chess
Tournament last spring in Kansas City.  He also enjoys downhill skiing and   
hanging out with friends.

As the librarian/historian, he maintains the troop library of merit badge
books, the log of every troop activity and writes a monthly article about
Troop 33 for the Westminster Church newsletter. "It is an interesting job, it
is a lot of work but if you just stick with it then it gets done." said Wes. 
(For the latest article Wes wrote, see the last page of this newsletter.)

You'll often see him taking pictures of the Scouts in action so he can update
his scrapbook and
contribute to the Scout Sunday slide show that is held every winter at
Westminster Church.  "Wes has done a nice job of submitting interesting and
informational articles for the Westminster News four times this year. Our
sponsor and its people enjoy reading about the activities in which Troop 33
takes part."  commented Ellen Butler Knighton who is Wes' mentor.  Wes
reports that having the mentor program start this year was a big change but
overall it is really beneficial.

Thanks to Wes and Ellen for working to make our Junior Leadership program

April 1 (Monday)
NO MEETING  due to spring break and Utah Spring Trip.

April 8 (Monday)
Military night.  Board of Review during regular meeting.

April 13 (Saturday)
Merit Badge Clinic from 8:30-12:30 at the church.  This is a great time to
start and maybe complete a merit badge.  There are several different ones
offered with counselors there to help you.

April 13 or April 14 (Saturday or Sunday)
Help needed!  Make a difference by participating in David  Eagle project to
stop lake pollution.  Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts,  families and friends
are all encouraged to help paint storm drains around Lake of the Isles and
distribute door hangers in the neighborhood.  Scouts will earn service
project hours for helping. The time is 1PM-4PM both days and April 27 is the
rain date.  Call David at XXXX or email XXXX

April 15 (Monday)
Gym night and we meet at the gym - not the church - for this meeting.  Flier
with exact time and
location will be handed out at a regular meeting.

April 19 - April 21 (Friday to Sunday)
Troop Overnight - Spring is here and bikes will hit the Cannon River trail
for this popular overnight. 

April 27 (Saturday)
Waligazhu - 9:30-3:30 at the NE Armory.  Games in the morning and contest in
the afternoon.

May 3-5 (Friday to Sunday)
Join us and Scouts from the Viking District for the spring Camporall at Camp
Stearns. (You really don't want to miss this one.)

May 6(Monday)
Swim night!  Great time to pass your swimming requirements and have fun in
the water.  Check your requirements and bring clothes to swim in if needed. 
Everyone brings swimsuit and towel!  Flier with location and time to be
handed out prior to this event; or check our web site for info.

May 11 (Saturday)
Ajawah Work Day from 9 to 4.  Come for part of the day or the whole thing. 
Help get camp ready for summer and breathe some fresh country air.

Future Dates to Mark Down
    May 27 (Monday) Memorial Day service project - information to follow
    June 3 (Monday)  Court of Honor and Family dinner
    June 8 (Saturday) Camp Ajawah work day (dock and tents)
    June 15-22 Montana Trip

Last Chance!
Please do your part to help your troop. We need someone to coordinate our
annual spring potluck before the Court of Honor on Monday June 3. One person
to coordinate and 10 people to help with table setting, food serving and
clean-up.  Call Ellen right away!  Fun way to get to know other parents and
say thank you to the Wonderful Scoutmasters for all they do for your son!

Summer Camps
Camp Ajawah is Westminster's and our troop's camp.  It's a great time to
experience primitive camping and earn merit badges.  There are two 2 week
sessions: July 14 - July 26 or July 28 - Aug 9.

Many Point Camp is the Minneapolis Boy Scout camp located near Park Rapids. 
There are 'All Star' dates available where individual boys are put together
into patrols.  An extensive list of merit badges can be earned.  One week
sessions: June 16 - June 22, June 30 - July 6, July 14 - July 20, and July 21
- July 27.  Cost is $160.  Call Jennifer at BSA office for application:

Eagle Court of Honor Reminder
Troop 33 has a long tradition of Eagle Court of Honors being held after the
troop's Court of Honor in either December or June.  The Troop committee would
like Eagle candidates and their families to know that they can participate in
the traditional ceremony or if they desire they can set up their own.  This
would allow more flexibility with dates and can focus on a specific Scout and
his achievement. 
A  larger circle of friends and family could also be in included.  Scouts
from the troop would also be   invited.  The ceremony could be held in the
Scout's house of worship or at Westminster, and the  Scoutmasters will be
happy to participate in the ceremony. 

Scoutmaster - Dave Moore 612-922-4988
Volunteer Coordinator - Ellen Knighton 612-925-3841
Troop Committee Chair - John deWerff 952-936-7652
Newsletter - Nora Whiteman 612-922-4334

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