Welcome to the Minnehaha Falls Chapter (unofficial)  Webpage


Minnehaha Falls is part of the Tonkawampus Lodge

Minnehaha Falls Chapter serves the Metro Lakes District of the Viking Council

If you would like to see the Chapter's Official Webpage, here it is.

The following are the Chapter Officers for the 2003-2004 year:

                        Brian O'Mara - Chief
                        Karl Syverson - Vice Chief of Elections
                        Dane Ryan - Vice Chief of Advancement
                        Jorgen Weller - Vice Chief of Ceremonies
                        Conner Baltutis - Vice Chief of Elangomats
                        Sean Bernier - Secretary/Treasurer

                        Ted McLaughlin - Chapter Adviser - (612) 845-3062

One of the main reasons that we have this webpage is so that we can place all of our newsletters someplace where everyone has access to them.  Because this is a non-secure website we will have to remove certain parts of newsletters because of YPP.  If you would like to see our newsletters, please click here.

Another handy use for this webpage is to make sure that everyone is up to date on the dates of upcoming events.  Please click here for a calendar of them.

Chapter Meetings are held on the second Thursday of most months at 7:30.  They are held at University Lutheran Church of Hope, located at 601 13 Av Se in Minneapolis, MN.  The phone number there is (612) 331-5988.  Please join us to help plan how the Chapter operates.

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