Saturday June 24th
10.jpg canoe1_384.jpg canoe1_385a.JPG canoe1_389.jpg
canoe4_508.jpg canoe4_509.jpg canoe4_510.jpg canoe4_511.jpg
canoe4_519.jpg canoe4_532a.JPG canoe4_535.jpg canoe4_539.jpg
canoe4_541.jpg canoe4_546.jpg canoe4_553.jpg canoe4_562.jpg
canoe4_578.jpg canoe4_586.jpg canoe4_590.jpg canoe4_591.jpg
canoe4_592.jpg canoe4_598.jpg canoe5_392.jpg canoe5_394.jpg
canoe5_398.jpg canoe5_401.jpg canoe5_406a.JPG canoe6_408.jpg
canoe6_415.jpg canoe6_417.jpg canoe6_418.jpg canoe6_431.jpg
canoe6_432.jpg canoe6_435a.JPG canoe6_439.jpg canoe6_450.jpg

On Saturday, June 24th we were picked up at the Kipp Recreation Area by the outfitter and taken back to Havre, MT.

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