Canoe Trip Movies


Because .mpg movie files tend to be very large we have converted the movies to Quicktime format.  These files tend to be a lot smaller.  If your computer can not run Quicktime you can download it here.

1. The definition of good mud - 563kb

2. Kyle getting a mud bath - 1,363kb

3. Kyle forgets something important - 1,761kb

4. Cody demonstrates the mud Slip'n Slide - 367kb

5. Paul demonstrates his mud Slip'n Slide - 680kb

6. The Eye of the Needle that we hiked up - 685kb

7. Hiking up to the Eye of the Needle - 1,841kb

8. The view from the top of the Eye - 2,103kb

9. Eric almost catches a fish - 1,354kb

10. Mud wrestling - 1,545kb

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