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One of the guests at the event wrote a nice thank you to the Scouts on one of the placemats.  It was read to the Scouts during their meal, but it’s worth sharing here as well.



It read:


Thank you for serving today!


There are hundreds of reasons why people are unemployed, homeless, and otherwise disenfranchised, but the top three reasons are:

1.        Lack of education.

2.       Alcohol and drugs, (and beer and cigarettes ARE drugs).

3.       Alienation from family and friends.


So you won’t be here in the future on the receiving end of all of this good hospitality, PLEASE….

1.        Stay in school.

2.       Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

3.       Stay in close contact with your family.  That irritating brother/sister/mother/father does get smarter as you get older.  Guaranteed!!!


Thank you again!!


(Signed)  T. Mack



We served over 240 meals that night, and this one thank you made it all worthwhile.  Many of the guests thanked the Scouts repeatedly for their help.  This is one event that will probably happen a few more times in the future.