Rafting pics!

Here is the location of the river we rafted on:                      Here is the important part of that route:

Just a quick note that because we paid for these pictures, ($90), we're going to include all of them, and at full size.  There are some really great pictures in here, and we want you to be able to see the looks on all of the Scout's faces as they go through the big rapids.   Also note that the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, so there are no captions on them.

Each raft crew brought a 2nd raft with them.  As we approached the big rapids we stopped, got out, and then walked up to a scenic overlook over the big rapids.  If anyone decided they didn't want to do them they could stay there.  We then went back and got in the first raft, leaving the 2nd one beached.  After going through the big rapids we pulled ashore, hiked back upriver to the other raft, got in, and ran the big rapids once again.  After going through we stopped and picked up the other raft and continue to the take out spot.  It was a LOT of fun.

The morning rafting pictures

The afternoon rafting pictures

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