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Whole Troop in Bee.jpg

Boy Scout Troop 20, from West Point, Iowa (1979??)

This photo was taken by the town newspaper for some reason.  I didn't even know about this photo until a couple of years ago the newspaper was cleaning out it's archives throwing away stuff, and thankfully one of the workers recognized my friend Jim in the front row on the right.  They gave it to his mom who made copies for all of us.  Of course I think my copy is the only one that wound up on a website.

I honestly don't know why my brother is the only one with a neckerchief on, (or why my Scout rank is on the wrong side).  And of course you noticed that I am wearing one of the old style collarless uniforms.  I'm not sure why I am the only one.

None of us can remember why this picture was taken and the newspaper unfortunately doesn't have any records of it.  Hopefully it was because we did something good. :-)