Troop List Server

A List Server is a means of facilitating communication among people with a similar interest, in this case the interest is Troop 33.  Members of the list server can receive emails regarding important announcements, changes to the schedule, changes in the location of an event, and more.  Members can also send an email question out to the list server and receive replies from the other members.

Because we understand that some people are concerned about the amount of emails that they currently receive, there is a "Special Notices" option that limits the amount of emails that you will receive from the list server.  If you choose that option you will only receive emails from a very limited number of people who have been granted the ability to send special notices, however you will not receive replies that are sent from other members in response to the special notices.

We are encouraging all members of the family who have email to belong to the list.  Mom, dad, Scout 1, Scout 2, etc :-) are all welcome to be on the list if they so choose.  That way if one person doesn't get the important announcement then maybe someone else in the family will.

If you would like to be a member of this list server simply send an email to Ted McLaughlin at and he will add you to the list. 


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