Winter 2002

Jan 12-13 Sat-Sun Wreath Lockin (qualifying scouts only) 7:00 PM-7:00 AM at N.E. Armory
Jan 14 Mon  Advancement (Pete)
Jan 21 Mon  Broomball at Linden Hills Park (Bill) (MLK Birthday)
Jan 28 Mon  Olympics (Erik)
Feb 2 Sat  Merit Badge Clinic 8:30-12:30
Feb 3 Sun  SCOUT SUNDAY  10:00 AM at Westminster
Feb 4 Mon  Waligazhu Prep (Tom)
Feb 8-10 Fri-Sun  Troop 33 Winter Camp at Ajawah (Joe, Erik and Bert)
Feb 11 Mon  Walizazhu Prep (Johann, Bel and Joe) BOARD OF REVIEW
Feb 18 Mon  Ski at Wild Mountain(?)  8:00 a.m. at Westminster (Erik) (NO EVENING MEETING)
Feb 19 Tues  Troop Planning at Westminster 7:00 LEADERS ONLY
Feb 22 Pack 46 Blue and Gold Dinner
Feb 23-24 Sat-Sun  Help Troop 100 deliver fruit (drivers needed!)
Feb 25 Mon  Metrodome Tour (Bert & Steve)
Mar 4 Mon  Waligazhu Prep (Wes) BOARD OF REVIEW
Mar 11 Mon  Practice Waligazhu (Joe)
Mar 16 Sat  Waligazhu  2:30 - 5:00 at (?)Washburn High School
Mar 18 Mon  Service Project (Frank and Bill)
Mar 25 Mon - Military Night (Ted)
Mar 30-Apr 6 Sat-Sat Utah Trip (older scouts only)

Coming up:
April 19-21 Overnight
May 3-5 Camporall
Jun 3 Court of Honor
June 15-22 Montana trip
CAMP AJAWAH:  First Period July 14-26.  Second Period July 28-August 9.

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