Troop 33 Schedule

Fall 2006

Day                                               Time                        Event  (who is in charge) 

Sept 2-3 Sat-Sun 9:00am State Fair Campout
Sept 8-10 Fri-Sun 6:00pm Order of the Arrow Section Conclave (OA members only)
Sept 11 Mon 7:00pm First meeting of the Fall 2006 season!
Sept 15-17 Fri-Sun 8:30pm Patrol Leaders Training Weekend
Sept 18 Mon 7:00pm  
Sept 25 Mon 7:00pm  
Sept 29-01 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Fall Camporee - An exciting Shooting Sports Camporee that you won't want to miss!
Oct 2 Mon 7:00pm  
Oct 9 Mon 7:00pm  
Oct 13-15 Fri-Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Fall Conclave (OA members only)
Oct 16 Mon 7:00pm  
Oct 19-22 Thur-Sun 9:00am MEA Weekend Campout, not sure yet if we will go all 4 days or not
Oct 23 Mon 7:00pm  
Oct 30 Mon 7:00pm  
Nov 3-5 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Campout - Location to be determined
Nov 6 Mon 7:00pm  
Nov 11 Sat 10:00am Wreath Pickup at Enquists
Nov 12 Sun 9:00am Wreath Delivery at Westminster
Nov 13 Mon 7:00pm  
Nov 19 Sun 9:00am Wreath Deliver at Westminster
Nov 20 Mon 7:00pm  
Nov 27 Mon 7:00pm  
Dec 4 Mon 6:30pm Probably Court of Honor
Dec 11 Mon 7:00pm  
Dec 18 Mon 7:00pm  
Dec 25 Mon   No meeting because of Christmas
Dec 26-30 Tues-Sat   Winter Camp at Ajawah
Dec 31 Mon   No meeting because of New Years

A few other things to keep on your calendar for 2007:

Jan 7 Sat 1:00pm Order of the Arrow Chapter Fun Day (OA members only)
Jan 13-14 Sat-Sun 6:00pm Probable date for Wreath Lockin
Feb 19 Mon 9:00am President's Day Ski Trip to Wild Mountain
Mar 2-4 Fri-Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Ceremony Staff Weekend (OA members only)
Mar 9-11 Fri-Sun 6:30pm!!! Eagle Cave Campout - We camp inside a cave in Wisconsin
Mar 30-01 Fri-Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Spring Conclave (OA members only)
May 18-20 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Spring Camporee


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