Troop 33 Schedule

Winter 2006

Day                                               Time                        Event  (who is in charge) 

Dec 19th Mon 7:00pm Rock Climbing at Vertical Endevours
Dec 26-30 Mon-Fri   Winter Camp at Ajawah
Jan 2 Mon 7:00pm No Meeting!!!
Jan 9 Mon 7:00pm Jeopardy - (Preston)
Jan 14-15 Sat-Sun 7:00pm-7:00am Wreath Lock - (Ted) - Only for those who qualify for it.
Jan 16 Mon 7:00pm Broomball night since Westminster is closed for MLK day
Jan 21 Sat 8:30am-12:30 Merit Badge Clinic
Jan 23 Mon 7:00pm ?? - (Tom)
Jan 29 Sun 9:00am Scout Sunday at Westminster Church - ALL Scouts are encouraged to come.
Jan 30 Mon 7:00pm Field Trip - (Ted)
Feb 6 Mon 7:00pm Law MB - (Alex)
Feb 13 Mon 7:00pm Winter Survival - (Hunter)
Feb 20 Mon 9:00am Skiing at Wild Mountain
Feb 24-26 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Campout
Feb 27 Mon 7:00pm Knots - (Kyle S.)
Mar 6 Mon 7:00pm Map & Compass - (Eric LB)
Mar 7 Tue 7:00pm Jr Leader Planning Meeting
Mar 13 Mon 7:00pm First Aid - (Kyle M)
Mar 17-19 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Campout
Mar 20 Mon 7:00pm Backpacking - (Tom)
Mar 27 Mon 7:00pm Service Project (Ted)


Items to put on the calendar for the rest of the year!  More details will follow on Troop meetings at a later time.

Jan 7 Sat 1:00pm Order of the Arrow Fun Day (OA members only)
Feb 11- 12 Sat - Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Lockin (OA members only)
Mar 3 - 5 Fri - Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Ceremony Staff Weekend at Camp Ajawah (OA members only)
Mar 11 Sat 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Winter Event Lockin (OA members only)
Apr 7-9 Fri - Sun 7:00pm Order of the Arrow Spring Conclave & Webelos Arrow of Light Ceremony
Apr 21-23 Fri - Sun 6:30pm Campout, location TBA
Apr 29 Sat 8:30am Merit Badge Clinic at Westminster
May 19-21 Fri - Sun 6:30pm Spring Camporee
May 25 Thurs 6:30pm Put out Flags at Hillside Cemetery
May 29 Mon 9:00am Memorial Day Ceremony at Hillside Cemetery
June 5 Mon 6:30pm Court of Honor
June 18-24 Sat-Sat   Rough planning dates for June Trip
July 16th Sun 2:00pm 1st Session of Boys Camp begins!
July 30th Sun 2:00pm 2nd Session of Boys Camp begins!
Sept 11 Mon 7:00pm First meeting of the Fall 2006 season!


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