Troop 33 Schedule

Winter 2002-03

Day Time Event

Nov 25 Mon 7:00pm Troop Meeting - Swim with Webelos (Johann, Dave, Joe, Wes)
Dec 1 Sun 2:00pm Pot Luck Thanksgiving with Troop 100 Families @ Dave Moore’s
Dec 2  Mon 7:00pm  Troop Meeting - Games & Athletics (Andy & Drew) BOARD OF REVIEW
Dec 9  Mon 6:15pm Family Dinner & Court of Honor
Dec 16  Mon 7:00pm Troop Meeting - Jeopardy (Bert & Bel)
Dec 20 Fri 6:30pm Caroling with Troop 100 - meet at church
Dec 23 Mon   No Troop Meeting
Dec 26–30 Th-Mon 10:00am Winter Camp at Ajawah (meet at church)
Dec 30 Mon   No Troop Meeting
Jan 1 Wed 1:00 pm Broomball (call Dave at 612-922-4988 if interested)
Jan 6 Mon 7:00 pm Advancement/Snow Shoveling (if it snows that day) (Erik) BOARD OF REVIEW
Jan 13 Mon 7:00 pm Knots and Lashing (Purdy)
Jan 18-19 Sat-Sun 7pm-7am Wreath Lockin at Northeast Armory - qualifying scouts only (Ted)
Jan 20 Mon 7:00 pm Broomball (Bill) [MLK Birthday]
Jan 26 Sun 10:00 am Scout Sunday at Westminster (families are welcome to attend)
Jan 27 Mon 7:00 pm Tour (Preston)
Feb 3 Mon 7:00 pm Merit Badge (fingerprinting?) (Wes) BOARD OF REVIEW
Feb 7-9 Fri-Sun   Junior Staff Winter Camp at Ajawah (junior staff only) (Joe)
Feb 8 Sat ?? Winter Event at Ajawah (meet at church)
Feb 10 Mon 7:00 pm Gym night - Washburn High? (Bel)
Feb 17 Mon 8am-5pm Ski at Wild Mountain - meet at church (Bob) [President’s Day]
Feb 18 Tues 7:00 pm Troop Planning at Westminster LEADERS ONLY
Feb 22-23 Sat-Sun   Help Troop 100 deliver fruit (drivers needed)
Feb 24 Mon 7:00 pm Lashing and Knots - Waligazhu prep (Drew and Peter)
Mar 3 Mon 7:00 pm First Aid & Compass - Waligazhu Prep (Drew & Joe)
Mar 10 Mon 7:00 pm Practice Waligazhu (Bel & Erik)
Mar 17 Mon 7:00 pm Service Project (Bert)
Mar 21-23 Fri-Sun 6:30 pm Fred C. Anderson Camp Grounds
Mar 24  Mon 7:00 pm African Culture (Bel)
Mar29-Apr6 Sat-Sun   Utah Trip - selected scouts only (Dave)
Mar 31 Mon   No Troop Meeting


Spring dates to keep in mind:

Apr 12  Merit badge clinic

April 26 Waligazhu - National Guard Armory

Apr ?? Troop overnight

May 16-18 Camporee

Jun 6 Court of Honor

Jun 15-20 Canoe trip

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