This was another Camporee in which I tried something different. We started the day off with my jr. staff performing a skit about a plane crash. Basically in re-enacted the crash of a light plane in the Rockies and only a few survive. For various reasons they decide they have to walk out of the mountains, the rest of the day is what happens to them.

I highly recommend this Camporee, for the most part things went great and the kids had alot of fun.

Event Form

Opening Skit


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What went good:

Iron Man Event: Only about 10 Patrols ended up carrying the stretcher the entire day, but those who did were darn proud of that fact. One point about this event is to make sure that you tell them not to carry the stretcher on their shoulders. We had one stretcher fall apart and the kid drop on his head. Oh, well. First aid training is always good.

What didn't go so good:

Build a bridge: Ran out of twine early, make sure that you have lots of twine

Pot Luck dinner: Ran out of food. Didn't have enough food for my staff who ate last. They ended up running into town get something to eat. I ate dinner around midnight. Unfortunately the first Troops through line piled up the food like you normally do at buffets and as a result there wasn't enough food at the end. Oh, well. Worth a try.

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