This history could not have been written without the help and cooperation of the following Troop 33 Scouts, past and present, who completed surveys and/or participated in interviews:

Scouts of the 1920s:

-Wilfred H. Lauer, Merrillan, Wisc.

-Charles B. Reif, Ph.D., Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

-Joseph Clark Winslow, Minneapolis (deceased)


Scouts of the 1930s:

-Richard W. Bylund, Minnetonka, Minn.

-Laurance R. Elwell Jr., Hamel, Minn.

-Bob Eustis, Stanford, California

-Willard R. Everett, Minneapolis

-Bill Foulke, Saugus, California

-Wally Johnson, Plymouth, Minn.

-Paul MacMullan, St. Paul

-Neil Swanson, Nevada, Missouri


Scouts of the 1940s:

-Ted Carlsen, Edina, Minn.

-Dick Duncan, Minnetonka, Minn.

-Keith Halstead, Arlington, Virginia

-Sherman Hoyt, M.D., Edina, Minn.

-Charles Jesten, Coatesville, Pennsylvania

-G. Leonard Kane, Colorado Springs, Colorado

-Carl Moore, Tacoma, Washington

-Stan Moore, Park Forest, Illinois

-Michael Orr, New York, New York

-John Reichert, M.D., Hopkins, Minn.

-Col. (Retired) B. D. Schuller, Bramber, W. Sussex, England

-James (Jim) R. Scoggin, Edina, Minn.

-David Wells, Saxtons River, Vermont

-Dick Wheaton, Minneapolis


Scouts of the 1950s-70s:

-Stuart Arey Jr., Roswell, Georgia

-Kent C. Broedie, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

-Jim Eriksson, Maryville, Tennessee

-Bob Fulton, Minneapolis

-Alan Hesdorffer, Edina, Minn.

-Todd Johnson, Crystal, Minn.

-Henry H. Kuehn, Evanston, Illinois

-Carl McNally, Minneapolis

-Tom McNally, Minneapolis

-Joe Steen, Minneapolis

-Hugh Strawn, Crystal Lake, Illinois


Scouts of the 1990s:

-Jason Gorsha

-Sam Carlsen

-John Cody

-Nate Erpestad

-Jeff Linnes-Bagley


Scoutmasters of Troop 33:

-Dick Stone

-Bill Braddock

-Carl Ostlund

-Dave Moore

-George Jones, troop treasurer


Special thanks to Bill Braddock, who provided encouragement and a mailing list of Ajawah alums which assisted greatly in this research project.


Troop 33 History