Wild Mountain Ski Trip

President's Day - Monday February 16th


Troop 33 will head to Wild Mountain on President's Day for our annual Ski Trip.  All Scouts are invited, along with parents and other siblings.  If you have a friend who is interested in joining the Boy Scouts feel free to bring him along as well (since the Troop is paying for half the costs we ask that they actually be considering joining Scouts, not just some friends who want cheap lift tickets).  Also all Webelos are welcome to join us for the day.

The bus will be leaving Dunwoody parking lot at 8am on Monday, February 16th.  We will arrive back at Dunwoody at 5:00pm that same day.  Anyone (under 18) who has not filled out a Troop 33 ski permission slip will need to have one with them when the arrive.  If your parent is skiing with us then they don't have to have one for any siblings.

The costs for the day are:

Lift ticket (youth): $7

Lift ticket (adult): $9

Ski Rental: $7

Snowboard Rental: $12

Please either pack a bag lunch or bring extra money to purchase food.

If you have never skied before don't worry about it, Dave Moore has been teaching people to ski for many, many, many years and he would like to teach you also.  Many Scouts have learned to ski on the President's Day trip, and many more have gone on to earn the Snow Sports Merit Badge.  If you would like to earn that badge please click here for more details on it.

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