Troop 33 Goes to Washington

First off, let me apologize for the number of pictures here.  Because I had so many pictures I couldn't decide how to pick out only a few to include here.  Consequently I have a whole bunch of them.  To make it easier for you to view them I have broken them out by each day.

Second, is that I have a cable modem so I apologize to those who have 56k dial up modems.  It is hard to plan for download speeds of 56k modems after you get used to a cable modem.  I reduced the size of the pictures and thumbnails but there is still a lot of data to download.

Thursday, June 10th

Friday, June 11th

Saturday, June 12th

Sunday, June 13th

Monday June 14th

Tuesday, June 15th

Wednesday, June 16th

Thursday, June 17th


My thanks again to those who took pictures and video for me.  Without them we wouldn't have near as many pictures to show all of you.

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