Troop 33 Photo Scrapbook


Here are some photos from a few of our events that we think that you would like.   More will be posted soon.

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December Campout to Cedar Point Scout Camp

Castle Campout

Joint Troop/Pack Campout at Camp Stearns

September Campout to Cedar Lake Farm Park

June Trip - Road Tripping to the UP

Joint Pack/Troop 33 Campout at Interstate Park

April Campout to St Croix State Park

March Campout to Camp Decorah

February Ski Trip to Duluth

January Campout at Cedar Point Scout Camp


December Campout at Fred C.

November Castle Campout

October Trebuchet Campout

September Mountain Biking

June Trip - Biking the Munger Trail

Movie Making at Fort Ridgely

Mystery Campout to Camp Ripley

March Campout to Camp Decorah

February ski trip to Duluth

January Sledding at Ft Ridgely



December Campout to Ajawah

Castle Campout

Sept Campout at Fred C Anderson

June trip to the Black Hills

May backpacking and movie at Camp Ripley

April backpacking at St Croix State Park

March campout to Camp Decorah

President's Day ski trip to Duluth

Winter Camping at Phillipo



Castle Campout!

October Campout - Bikes and Bows

September Campout - Model Rockets

June Trip - Arkansas/Missourri

May Campout to Camp Ajawah

April Campout to Carver Park

March Campout to Decorah

President's Day Ski Trip

January Campout at Camp Stearns


November Castle Campout

October Campout in the rain

September Campout - Biking

June Trip - Glacier National Park

May Campout - Ajawah Work Day

April Sandbagging trip to Fargo

March Campout to Camp Decorah

President's Day Ski Trip

Outlaw Pinewood Derby II

Tubing at Ironwood Springs


Castle Campout

Mystery Campout to Camp Ripley

Road Tripping Across the UP - June Trip

May Campout to Afton State Park

April Campout to Baker Park

March Campout to Camp Decorah

Presidentís Day ski trip to Duluth

Outlaw Pinewood Derby Race

Sledding and tubing at Ft Ridgely

Tour of the MSP Airport FD



Fingerprinting MB with the Webelos

November Campout at Camp Ajawah

Serving meals during FEAST

The Gorge Campout

Zombie Invasion at the Fall Camporee

June Trip to the Crow Wing River

April Campout to Fred C Anderson

March Campout to Ironwood Springs

February Campout at Camp Ajawah



November Campout (Phillipo)

October Campout at Camp Ajawah

Mystery Campout (to the Farm!)

June Trip to North Shore

February Campout at Fred C.

Brownie Cooking for the BSA 100th Birthday



Rappelling for the October Campout

September Campout at Lake Rebecca

June Trip Pictures

March Campout at Fred C Anderson

Tubing at Ironwood Springs

Recruiting and Brownie night


Swim Night

Music Night

October Campout at Ajawah

Fall Camporee

June Trip Pictures & Video

Spring Camporee

April Campout

March Campout

February Campout

Wreath Lockin


Brownie cooking with the Webelos

November Campout at Camp Decorah

Fall Camporee

Canoeing and Rock Climbing with the Webelos

June Trip

BAT Training with the Webelos

Eagle Cave Campout

February Campout



Rock Climbing

November Campout

Montana Canoe Trip

Spring Camporee

EMT Night

April Backpacking Trip

Dave's Surprise Birthday Party

March Campout

Veteran's Home

Snow Shelter Building

Mock Trial

Wreath Lockin

Broomball Night



Rock Climbing

Webelos Night

November Campout

October Campout

Fall Camporee

Surprise photos!

June Trip

Spring Camporee

April Campout

March Campout

February Campout

Brownie Cooking

Scout Sunday



Adventure Night at Vertical Endeavors

Swim Night

November Campout

Olympics Night

October Campout

Fall Camporee

Washington DC

Spring Camporee

K-9 Officer Night

Games Night with Pack 46

March campout at Stearns

OA Ceremony Staff Weekend

Broomball on MLK Day



Photography Merit Badge Night

November Campout at Cooper Sessing

October Campout at Phillipo

Order of the Arrow Fall Conclave

Fall Camporee

Patrol Leader Training

Canoe Trip Pictures

Spring Camporee (Mass Flag Retirement Ceremony)

Color Guard at the Target Center





David's Eagle Project

Arrow of Light Ceremony

Misc. Stuff



Fall Camporee

Black Hills Trip

OA Eco-Challenge

Paramedics visit

Ski Trip to Wild Mountain

Final Four Seat Cushion Project



November Campout

Houseboat Trip

Spring Camporee

Pictures of Winter Camping - February 2000

Helping out at a Food Shelf

Gym Night

Ski Trip to Wild Mountain

Service Project at the VA Home



Washington DC Trip

Pictures from Camporees

Pictures from Campouts

Mississippi River Canoe Trip

Pictures From MEA Weekends

Ski Trips

Pictures of the Snake Guy

Pictures from the Waligazhu

Pictures of Winter Camping



A bad weather experience


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