Troop 33's visit to Glacier National Park.

Unfortunately we never got a single group picture of the entire Troop together :-(.     So here are the two best group photo's that show the whole Troop.


This was the first time we had ever tried to split the Troop into two separate groups.  Since there would be no way the younger Scouts could handle four days of back country backpacking, and the older Scouts were looking for something a little more gung ho than just day hikes, this was a great opportunity to try something different.

Here is the day by day documentary of the Trip.  On the days when the Troop is split up it is broken into different pages for each group.

Saturday, June 16

Sunday, June 17

Monday, June 18 -  Base Camp Crew - Backpackers

Tuesday, June 19 -  Base Camp Crew - Backpackers

Wednesday, June 20 -  Base Camp Crew - Backpackers

Thursday, June 21 -  Base Camp Crew - Backpackers

Friday, June 22

Saturday, June 23



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