June Trip 2013
Glacier National Park

Troop 33 at the top of the Going to the Sun Road

For our 2013 June Trip Troop 33 headed back to Glacier National Park.  This was our 3rd visit to the park and it was definitely the best so far.

Here are 'a few' of the pictures that were taken during the Trip.  Thanks again to all of the Scouts and adults for taking and sharing their pictures.   There were more than 6,400 pictures that were handed in after the trip, so it was hard to come up with a relatively small number to show on the website.  These were picked because they give a good overview of the whole Trip, and show as many of the Scouts as possible.

Saturday, June 15     - Everyone
Sunday, June 16       - Everyone
Monday, June 17      - Everyone
Tuesday, June 18      - Base Camp Crew - Backpacker Group 1 - Backpacker Group 2    (Group 2's captions will be added at a later date)
Wednesday, June 19 - Base Camp Crew -                                  - Backpacker Group 2
Thursday, June 20     - Base Camp Crew -                                  - Backpacker Group 2
Friday, June 21         - Everyone
Saturday, June 22      - Everyone


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