Glacier Nation Park Videos!

Here are some of the videos that were shot while Troop 33 was in Glacier National Park.

1.  How to get Boy Scouts to go to Bed - Don't we all wish it were this easy?

2.  Connor Attacks - This is why you have to be careful what you say to Scouts, because they might just take you seriously.  The guide suggest to Connor that he launch a 'pirate attack' on the other raft, and Connor took him seriously.

3.  Through the Rapids - Henry "rides the bull" through the rapds and gets thoroughly soaked with frigid water.

4.  Biking through the Woods - The older Scouts on one of the black diamon mountain biking trails.  Most Scouts did the "blue square" bike trail.

5.  Biking on the Ridge - This was at the very top of the mountain, and shows you an example of how steep some of the drop offs were.  What it doesn't show you is how steep the trail itself was.

6.  Biking Through the Woods...AGAIN!!  - This was shot on the blue square trail.  This is the same one that all the Scouts rode on, but these Scouts just took it a little faster than others.

7.  Owen Crashes - A good example of how steep some of the drop offs were.

More videos will be posted later.

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