2011 June Trip



Our 2011 June Trip got off to a rocky start when, due to flooding in North Dakota, Amtrak cancelled service to Montana 4 days before we were supposed to leave, so we couldn’t go out and canoe on the Missouri River.  We scrambled a bit but were able to come up with a spectacular trip on very short notice.  We ended up going up to the Park Rapids area and canoeing on the Crow Wing River.

Here are the pictures broken down by day:                                                                          Here is a map of the route we took:

Saturday, June 11                                                                                                                          Crow Wing River map

Sunday, June 12

Monday, June 13

Tuesday, June 14

Wednesday, June 15

Thursday, June 16

Friday, June 17

Saturday, June 18

Thanks to everyone who took pictures!

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