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After singing a bunch of songs the Scouts all talked about what their favorite memory of the Trip was.  Several Scouts talked about the whitewater rafting, others thought it was the mountain biking, and of course the grizzlies came up as well :-), but it was also nice how several Scouts mentioned the hike to Avalanche Lake, or the Going to the Sun Road.

After that each of the Scouts talked about where they would like to go for next year's June Trip.  A few impractical ideas were things like going to FLA and wrestling gators, or going to LA and fishing for catfish with their bare hands.  Other ideas were going to Chicago, doing a Farm Trip, going fishing in Canada, and so on.

After all that it was getting very late, and so we discussed what was going to happen the next morning and then everyone headed for their tents.  The smarter Scouts went to sleep, but a few stayed up for a long time talking :-)

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