Troop 33 Schedule

Winter 2008

Day                                       Time            Event  (who is in charge)      (BOLD means event is NOT at Westminster)

Dec 17 Mon 6:45pm Rock Climbing at Vertical Endeavors  go directly there, bring your permission slip!
Dec 24 Mon   No meeting due to Christmas
Dec 26-30 Mon 9:00am Winter Camp at Camp Ajawah (meet at WPC)
Dec 31 Wed-Sun   No Meeting due to New Years
Jan 1 Tues 7:00pm All-Troop Broomball Game (ask Dave Moore for location)
Jan 7 Mon 7:00pm Music Night   (Ian W)
Jan 14 Mon 7:00pm Winter Campout Prep   (Board Of Review)
Jan 17 Thurs 7:00pm Eagle Court of Honor (Six Eagles!) (upstairs in the WPC Chapel)
Jan 19-20 Sat-Sun 7:00pm Wreath Lock-in at NE Mpls. Armory  (Qualified scouts only!)
Jan 21 Mon   MLK Day  --  WPC Closed -- No Regular Troop Meeting -- Broomball at City Park
Jan 25-27 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Broomball Tournament Campout at Camp Ajawah with Troop 100
Jan 28 Mon 7:00pm Winter Campout Prep with WEBELOS  (John V)
Feb 1-3 Fri-Sun 7:00pm Campout with WEBELOS at Camp Ajawah
Feb 4 Mon 7:00pm Service Project (Wes G)
Feb 11 Mon 7:00pm Skit Night (Thomas V) & Japan Night (David P)
Feb 18 Mon 9:00am President's Day Ski Trip - - meet at WPC - -  No 7pm Regular Troop Meeting!
Feb 25 Mon 7:00pm Jeopardy Night (Reid W)
Mar 1 Sat 8:30am Merit Badge Clinic at Westminster
Mar 3 Mon 7:00pm Gym Night (Wes G)
Mar 7 Fri 6:00pm Metro Lakes District  ARROW OF LIGHT ceremony
Mar 7-9 Fri-Sun 6:00pm Order of the Arrow Ceremony Staff Weekend (OA members only)
Mar 10 Mon 7:00pm Waligazhu Prep Knots (Cody B)   Campout Prep
Mar 14-16 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Campout -- Sledding at Camp Stearns
Mar 17 Mon 7:00pm Waligazhu Prep First Aid (Preston G)
Mar 24 Mon 7:00pm Waligazhu Prep Map & Compass (Malcolm S)
Mar 30-Apr 6 Sun-Sun   Spring Break trip to Moab, UT  (1st Class Scouts and up)
Mar 31 Mon   NO Troop Meeting at WPC (Utah Trip, Spring Break)

Spring 2008 Dates to keep in mind

April 7 Mon 7:00pm Waligazhu Prep Tripods (Elliott G)   Campout Prep (Colin O) 
April 11-13 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Campout at Philippo Scout Camp (Cannon Falls, MN)
April 14 Mon 7:00pm Waligazhu Prep All Four Events (Wes G)
April 19 Sat 8:30am Waligazhu - - Sports & Scout Skills Competition at NE Mpls. Armory
April 21 Mon 7:00pm Seizures & Allergy training, as well as 2nd half of Physical fitness requirements
April 28 Mon 7:00pm Camporee prep & Order of the Arrow elections
May 2-4 Fri - Sun 6:30pm Spring Camporee at Rum River
May 5 Mon 7:00pm Field Trip
May 10 Fri - Sun 6:30pm Ajawah Work Day (meet at Ajawah, bring a leaf rake and work gloves)
May 12 Mon 7:00pm June Trip Prep (Board of Review)
May 17 Sat 8:30am MB Clinic at Westminster
May 16-18 Fri-Sun 6:30pm Order of the Arrow Conclave at Camp Stearns
May 19 Mon 7:00pm Outside Games (Wes G) June Trip Prep (Board Of Review)
May 22 Thurs 6:00pm Pre-Memorial Day Flags at Hillside Cemetery  2610 19th Ave NE Mpls
May 26 Mon 9:00am Memorial Day help at Hillside Cemetery   NO 7pm Troop Meeting!
June 2 Mon 6:00pm Court of Honor / 90th Anniversary Celebration at Westminster
June  7 Sat 9:00am Work Day at Camp Ajawah  (June Trip Canoe Trip Testing all scouts going on June Trip must attend)
June 14-22     Dates for June Trip
Jul 13-25 Sun-Fri   Camp Ajawah 1st Session
Jul 27-Aug 8 Sun-Fri   Camp Ajawah 2nd Session

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